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Ethereum in tango mode gathers thousands on the second day of the ETHLatam of Argentina

It seems that the attendees of the ETHLatam 2022 multiplied from one day to the next. Today, August 12, on the second day of the conference, it was difficult to walk through the corridors of the Convention Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, due to the crowd gathered there. The facilities were filled with people interested in knowing the latest news of the Ethereum ecosystem.

“Every time I come to these events I think a lot of things and I leave with many ideas to continue working,” Julián, one of the attendees, told us. He is a digital artist from Argentina and tokenizes his works as NFTs.

Juan David, a Colombian who traveled to Buenos Aires especially for this event, tells us that he is surprised at the there are a lot of developers and entrepreneurs in the country of tango, doing things related to Ethereum.

Tom could not hide his enthusiasm. This 18-year-old metaverse fanatic was delighted to be able to meet in the real world many of the people he usually interacts with in those “blockchained” worlds.

Luxury speakers on the stages of the ETHLatam 2022

As on the first day of the ETHLatam 2022, top-level speakers took to the stages today. Evan Van Ness, a recognized popularizer of Ethereum, held the role of master of ceremonies.

The stablecoins, DAOs, security in decentralized applications and privacy on the Internet they were among the topics addressed.

Mariano Di Pietrantonio, Pablo Sabatella, Antonela Debiasi, Santiago Palladino, Patricio Palladino, and Stani Kulechov, were just some of the speakers.

With great willingness to satisfy the concerns of the attendees, the speakers did not hesitate to talk with those present who approached them to make inquiries or simply give them a warm greeting.

Several of them included in their talks a question and answer space that made the conferences were dynamic and rich in content.

Vitalik Buterin, the great protagonist of the last day

Tomorrow, new exponents will take the stage. Among them – although on-line— be Vitalik Buterin, the co-creator of Ethereum.

If these two days the participants were counted by thousands, everything indicates that on the third and last day (which is Saturday, a non-working day for many) the facilities of the Buenos Aires Convention Center will be full.

The organization, the volunteers and the staff of the place they are preparing to receive the 5,000 registered and close this party etherean in a big way.

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