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XRP Is A Must-Have In Your Portfolio: Says Popular Youtuber Ben Armstrong

The post XRP Is A Must-Have In Your Portfolio: Says Popular Youtuber Ben Armstrong appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

In a recent video, the well-known crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong recently shared his thoughts on the XRP Army, the Ripple lawsuit, and his crypto portfolio advice.

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The Strong XRP Army

Ben emphasized the importance of the XRP Army in supporting the XRP project. He even went as far as saying that he loves supporting the XRP Army more than he loves supporting XRP itself. He believes that the community is what makes this project, and without the XRP Army, it would not have gained its power.

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In recognition of the XRP Army, the influencer has called on creative individuals to create something XRP-related that can be placed on the Bitboy Crypto set. He asked for something unique and cool that can be put on display permanently.

Ripple v. SEC Lawsuit

Ben shared his thoughts on the ongoing Ripple v. SEC lawsuit and its potential impact on the crypto industry. He believes that the case is nearing its end and that a settlement could be reached soon. However, he is unsure whether Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC, would easily settle the case as it could ruin his plan to classify every cryptocurrency as a security.

Furthermore, Ben thinks that the SEC’s momentum could be killed if the court decides that Ripple is not a security on the secondary market. The influencer compared the Ripple lawsuit to TRON and EOS, which people thought would have problems with the SEC. He believes that the fate of the crypto industry now relies solely on the outcome of this case.

Crypto Portfolio Advice

To end his video, Ben gave advice on building a solid crypto portfolio and mentioned a few coins that he thinks should be considered. He believes that if you have Bitcoin and Ethereum in your portfolio, you should also consider adding Cardano (ADA), a crypto that he thinks has great potential. He also strongly advises that XRP should be included in every portfolio as it has high upside potential based on a favorable result in the Ripple lawsuit.

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