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Whale Alert: Pepecoin ($PEPE) Price Suffers Massive Dump, Triggers Investor Panic 

The post Whale Alert: Pepecoin ($PEPE) Price Suffers Massive Dump, Triggers Investor Panic  appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

A recent substantial sell-off of Pepe Coin (PEPE), the popular meme coin, has triggered concerns among the meme crypto community. 

Insider Whale Dumps PEPE

Lookonchain flagged a transaction that saw a massive dump of 972.84 billion PEPE coins in exchange for 514 Ethereum (ETH), worth around $848,000. This unexpected transaction originated from the address labeled “0x1497”, prompting queries about potential insider influence.

Suspicious Activity Raises Questions

The sale took place at an individual coin rate of $0.0000008718. It wasn’t the first time that this address had been involved in sizable transactions involving PEPE coins, drawing heightened scrutiny towards its activities. In a previous episode dating back to April, the same address exhibited noteworthy activity during the earliest trading stage of the meme coin.

In the referenced incident, the address received 0.58 ETH from the FixedFloat crypto exchange. The funds were immediately put to use, with 0.027 ETH, or roughly $58, being spent on acquiring a colossal sum of 2.27 trillion PEPE coins. All this transpired within a scant 10-minute window following the onset of the coin’s initial trading phase.

Impact on PEPE’s Value

The fallout of this insider’s recent hefty coin dump has not been benign for PEPE. The coin’s value has seen a downward trend, slipping an additional 2% following the sale. At certain intervals, the dip even touched 5%, casting a pall over the future trajectory of the coin.

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As of this writing, PEPE’s standing has deteriorated further, registering a nearly 9% decrease within the past day and a cumulative 22% drop over the last week. This substantial liquidation of PEPE coins has only amplified the bearish outlook surrounding the meme coin.

This hefty liquidation has undoubtedly contributed to PEPE’s ongoing decline, underscoring the significant influence that whale transactions can wield over a coin’s market performance. The community is now keeping a wary eye on further developments, awaiting potential clarity on the identity and motives of the whale.

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