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Ripple News: XRP’s On-Chain Metrics Signal Notable Rise in 100M Whales

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Since obtaining regulatory approval in the United States, XRP, the digital token associated with Ripple, has stayed in the limelight. Its non-security classification has seemingly whetted the appetite of large-scale investors, colloquially known as whales. A remarkable surge in these wallets has emerged, but what does this mean for the everyday investor?

Let’s dive in.

A Surge in Whales: Is Bigger Better?

Santiment, a cryptocurrency market intelligence platform specializing in on-chain analytics, reported via a social media post that the number of XRP whale wallets has witnessed a notable surge. These high-value wallets each hold a staggering minimum of 100 million XRP, equating to a sizable worth of at least $74 million.

The increase to 199 addresses of this magnitude matches the peak number recorded since May 13. This is undoubtedly a significant development in the XRP ecosystem and may suggest an uptrend in investor confidence or market dynamics.

XRP Whales’ Historical Dance

Taking a look back at Santiment’s chart, we can see that in July 2022, there were 200 XRP whales actively accumulating the digital token when its price was below the $0.40 mark. However, as XRP’s value spiked past $0.518 over the following three months, these investors changed their tune and began offloading their holdings, leading to a downtrend.

Moving forward to the period between December and March 2023, the whales made a comeback. The average XRP price hovered around $0.414 during this phase of renewed accumulation. By April, another sell-off ensued, causing the number of whale wallets to dip below 200.

XRP Price Analysis

As of the time this article is being written, the XRP price stands at $0.72, holding steady its position as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. A technical analysis of XRP’s current standing reveals a bearish trend on both the daily and weekly charts. 

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The bulls are evidently grappling to break free from the bears’ grip. However, the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) suggests that there is still resistance to an upward trend.

Despite the current bearish signals, the continuous accumulation and disposition cycles from the whales may provide XRP with the necessary liquidity and volatility.

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