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Cardano (ADA) Community Defends Network’s Potential Despite Criticism 

The post Cardano (ADA) Community Defends Network’s Potential Despite Criticism  appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

The Cardano (ADA) ecosystem is thriving and expanding, with a vibrant community of members who are led by an ADA whale. 

Recently, popular crypto analyst Lark Davis made accusations of slow DeFi growth within the Cardano network, citing a lack of operating decentralized applications (Dapps) and low average daily transactions of approximately 70,000. 

However, the community has united in its defense of the network, citing its potential for growth and strong market performance, as evidenced by its current market capitalization of $11,673,770,289 and 24-hour trading volume of $488,542,533. 

Additionally, data from Defillama indicates that the total value locked in the Cardano ecosystem is approximately $67.87 million, with top DeFi projects on the network including Minswap, Indigo, WingRiders, SundaeSwap, and MuesliSwap, which boast TVL of $27M, $11.77M, $11.01M, $7.6M, and $5.9M respectively. Despite these facts, Davis remains convinced that the Cardano network lacks the decentralized applications necessary to sustain its growth.

“Cardano impresses me. It has remained in the top 10 forever in spite of almost no defi, few working retail dapps, and just 70,000 transactions per day on average. And yet, $ada holders continue to steadfastly believe in the potential of Cardano and the vision of the chain!” Davis noted.

In response, @cardano_whale outlined all activities on the ADA network including DEXs, lending and borrowing protocols, and NFT marketplaces, among others.

Does Cardano Still Pose A Threat To Ethereum?

The Cardano network experienced significant growth during a period in which the Ethereum network was facing challenges with high network fees and low throughput. 

However, Ethereum has since transitioned to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism through its beacon chain and has received significant support from layer 2 scaling projects like Polygon (MATIC). As a result, many DeFi developers have been choosing to build on Ethereum due to its global recognition and regulatory compliance. Despite this, the Cardano ecosystem continues to make steady progress as the adoption of smart contracts attracts more institutional investors. 

According to Andrew Carnegie, a prominent ADA supporter, the Cardano network is handling double the number of transactions cited by Lark Davis in his analysis.


Notably, Cardano’s (ADA) price has gained approximately 36 percent in the past 14 days. However, ADA price is down over 89 percent from its ATH, $3.09, recorded in September 2021.

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