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Will SHIB Price Ever Go Back Up? Here’s What Shiba Inu Team Member Has To Say

The post Will SHIB Price Ever Go Back Up? Here’s What Shiba Inu Team Member Has To Say appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Shiba Inu marketing specialist Lucie addresses the reasons behind the relatively stagnant price of SHIB, leading to disappointment among investors. The token remains below $0.000008, with 81.81% of investors in a loss, while only 12.98% are in profit according to IntoTheBlock data. Social media platforms are flooded with expressions of frustration from Shiba Inu investors. 

While halving is projected fruitful for BTC other tokens are on the radar of the analyst for a potential decline. Here’s one such analyst who figures out the market sentiments around the community frenzy tokens. 

From Disappointment to Hope: Lucie’s Optimistic Outlook for SHIB

Amid growing frustration, Lucie, a prominent influencer within the Shiba Inu community, takes to Twitter to explain why SHIB’s price is not experiencing the anticipated surge known as “mooning.” Drawing from experience, she points out that crypto prices typically exhibit bearish trends around a year before the next halving event.

Bitcoin’s next halving is expected in April or May 2024. Based on her suggestions the summer may bring more bearish sentiment, but hopes rise with the anticipation of positive news and developments in the autumn and winter. 

“Crypto prices tend to chill out around a year before a halving event” 

Shibarium to Drive SHIB Value

While addressing concerns about Shibarium, the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s L2 scaling solution, the analyst reassures the community that it is not a pump-and-dump scheme. On the contrary, she believes the technology will bring significant growth and utility to SHIB and other ecosystem tokens like LEASH and BONE. Lucie encourages community members to be patient in the long run, hinting at exciting possibilities ahead.

Notably, the launch of Shibarium is highly anticipated, and it is expected to take place later this year. Some speculate that its unveiling could occur at the upcoming Blockchain Futuristic Conference scheduled for next month. However, the investors have high hopes that the introduction of Shibarium’s mainnet will lead to a surge in the ecosystem tokens’ prices, potentially triggering the long-awaited rally for SHIB. However, the market’s actual response remains uncertain.


Right now, the Shiba Inu community grapples with SHIB’s current low price, while Lucie’s insights offer a glimpse of hope for the future. The projected timeline aligns with market trends, and the impending Shibarium launch introduces optimism for potential growth in the ecosystem. 

Lucie urges community members to prepare for the “long run” and hints at exciting times ahead. What is your long-term outlook for SHIB, and how do you plan to approach your investments?

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