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Top Analyst Claims Altcoin Bull Run Has Begun, Urges Investors to Buy 

The post Top Analyst Claims Altcoin Bull Run Has Begun, Urges Investors to Buy  appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Esteemed crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe has broadcast an important message for altcoin enthusiasts. After conducting an in-depth analysis, Michael confidently asserts that altcoins are on the cusp of a significant breakout, signaling the start of a bullish market trend. He advises investors to shift their attention towards altcoins, emphasizing that now is the opportune moment.

Altcoins’ Secret Weapon Of Success 

Michael took his audience through a brief overview of the market’s current status and made some compelling comparisons with previous cycles. By dissecting the market performance, he points out that we are now at a juncture where investing in altcoins could be particularly rewarding.

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Laying his focus on the 200-week exponential moving average (EMA), the expert highlighted that the market is showing signs of support at this level. Observing the recent market activity, Michael suggests that we are witnessing a situation of a breakdown where the 200-week moving average (MA) and the 200-week EMA have been reclaimed, indicating a potential shift towards upward continuation.

Can Altcoins Challenge Bitcoin’s Dominance?

Underlining the current market stance, Michael stated that altcoins are still in a depression phase, with most remaining significantly undervalued against Bitcoin (BTC). According to the analyst, the Bitcoin pairs are presently low in their valuations, and we are reaching the juncture of the 200-week MA and EMA on the Bitcoin dominance chart that could potentially serve as resistance.

By examining the Wall Street cheat sheet, he noticed an alignment with the current price action on the markets, further strengthening his argument for an impending altcoin bull run. Furthermore, he pointed out that the general sentiment towards altcoins is exceptionally low, creating a potentially lucrative opportunity for those willing to invest.

Chainlink Geared For Growth!

To illustrate his findings, Michael zoomed in on Chainlink. Despite enduring a bear market for nearly three years, Chainlink is now showing signs of resurgence. Michael observes that once Chainlink reclaims 23 on its satoshi value, the market is likely to see significant growth.

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