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Shiba Inu Can Be Burned in Billions on a Daily Basis, Here’s How

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burned during the past week has significantly decreased, and it was low each day of that time as well. However, according to the Shibburn tracker, the burn rate has significantly increased as of late. Meanwhile, over the weekend, whales purchased a big stack of SHIB.

Super Shib Store The SHIB army may be able to burn billions of these meme coins thanks to a method, claims a message from a Twitter account about its recent gains for burning SHIB. Travis Johnson, a creator of mobile games and a supporter of SHIB, is the person behind both this account and the store itself.

Johnson stated on Twitter that Bricks Buster, one of the games he created, continues to generate the most revenue from advertisements, which he uses to acquire SHIB to later send to a dead-end wallet.

According to the Super Shib Store tweet, different amounts of SHIB can be burned depending on the CPM levels. The 110K level can help burn 110 million SHIB, the 1 million level can help remove 1.1 billion meme coins each day, and the 10K level burns 11.1 million SHIB.

Community support required

Every Sunday, Johnson burns SHIB, and one of the ways he makes money to buy SHIB is through the Amazon affiliate program. The project experienced its lowest burn ever on Sunday, October 10, according to a previous report. Johnson warned that, unless the community supports him, billions of meme coins could be burned each week as a result of the current SHIB’s incredibly low pricing.

An unknown wallet shifted a remarkable 214,388,649 Shib tokens to an unspendable wallet earlier today, according to the @shibaplay_ tracker. According to the Shibburn Twitter account, 25,023,396 Shiba Inu have been burned in total over the last 24 hours. News on the Shiba Inu (SHIB) token burn

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