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Ripple Sells Millions of XRP Tokens; But Did They Clock a Loss?

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Ripple, the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, has recently sold millions of XRP tokens from its holdings. This is a significant change in strategy, as Ripple had previously restricted its sales of XRP amidst ongoing legal issues.

XRP Transactions Raise Eyebrows

Blockchain tracker Whale­ Alert recently re­ported two significant transactions involving XRP. One transaction consisted of 29.7 million XRP, while the other involved a whopping 425.3 million XRP.

In a noteworthy transaction, Ripple­ transferred around 30 million XRP to Bitstamp. What adds intrigue to this move­ is that Ripple opted to sell these XRP tokens for approximately $15 million.

Confirmation from Bithomp, a data provider focused on XRP, later verified that Ripple Labs initiated this transfer with the intention of selling it for approximately $15 million.

Mystery weighs thick

However, the second transaction, involving over 425 million XRP, moved from the Bitvavo digital exchange to an unidentified wallet, raising questions within the crypto community.

However, what’s less clear is whether this sale was executed at a profit or if Ripple absorbed a loss.

In August, Whale Alert documented several XRP transactions of similar sizes, with some originating from Bitvavo. Despite a slight 1.44% dip in XRP’s price following a prior 4.73% increase, Ripple executed these transactions successfully.

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Ripple’s Clever Strategy

To maintain market liquidity and stability, Ripple has carefully managed its XRP holdings. Since 2018, they have been releasing one billion XRP from escrow each month.

However, what sets Ripple apart is its recent decision to relock approximately 80% of the XRP that was previously released back into escrow. This means that only around 200 million XRP are injected into the market on average each month.

Ripple’s strate­gic moves have garnere­d significant attention. Crypto enthusiasts and market obse­rvers are carefully analyzing the potential impact of these actions on both the value of XRP and overall market dynamics.

With XRP’s price fluctuations and Ripple’s evolving strategies, the crypto world remains as intriguing and unpredictable as ever.

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