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Fetch.ai (FET) Price Massive Surge Attracts More Whales to the AI Crypto

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Fetch.ai (FET), a blockchain AI crypto token based on Binance, has seen its value increase by 250% over the last thirty days. This increase is in accordance with the bubble that began in the cryptocurrency market the previous month, which has attracted whales to the cryptocurrency.

Whales Stacking Fetch.ai

At press time, FET is worth $0.56, having gone up by 31% in the past twenty-four hours and 107.5% in the past seven days. Currently, whales are in control, and they are buying and selling Fetch.ai (FET) like crazy, making it one of the most frequently traded smart contracts among the top 100 ETH whales.

One of the top five cryptocurrencies that big wallet holders are interested in buying and stockpiling for the long term is FET, according to data compiled by WhaleStats, a prominent whale activity tracker.

A large number of whales have been amassing over the last twenty-four hours, which sometimes precedes a price gain for the cryptocurrency due to a big event or the appearance of positive technical indicators.

The recent price increase in FET is not unexpected. This singular achievement has helped propel the present mood in the cryptocurrency market, and it compliments the fact that digital money is recognized to have significant volatility that is typically favorably biased.

The rising profile of Fetch.ai’s ecosystem is also a factor in the current bullish mood. The project recognizes the need to inform its user base about the protocol’s advantages; hence it has been allocating resources to that end. The protocol aims to increase familiarity with its technology and the goods it offers by hosting a series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads and Twitter Spaces chats with its key specialists.

Through the use of autonomous AI to carry out operations that make use of its global network of data, the platform aims to democratize access to AI technology by providing a permissionless network to which anyone may join and have access to protected datasets. So far, the protocol’s planned enhancements have allowed it to fulfill its promise. But will it continue to spike? Only time will tell.

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