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Crypto Market Outlook: Top 7 Altcoins to EXPLODE in August

The post Crypto Market Outlook: Top 7 Altcoins to EXPLODE in August appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Seven cryptocurrencies are poised to make a meteoric ascent this August, according to leading experts in the industry. Among them, you’ll find popular tokens, less-known tokens, and even some controversial ones. So, let’s dive in and explore why these underdogs are worth your attention.

Cardano is on a Roll

Cardano is pushing the boundaries of adaptability with its upcoming Mithril mainnet upgrade. This marks a significant evolution for the dApp hosting platform, embodying the spirit of decentralization, freedom, and resistance to censorship. The enhancement aims to fortify Cardano’s speed, security, and decentralized governance capabilities, marking a significant stride in its journey.

As pointed out by crypto expert Crypto Chino, Cardano is on an unstoppable upward trajectory. The platform’s native tokens have been experiencing explosive growth rates, with affiliated projects showing remarkable upticks. The expert believes ADA has the brightest future among cryptos right now.

Dogecoin the MemeCoin King

It’s hard to ignore the influence of Elon Musk, and Dogecoin stands as a testament to this fact. The meme coin has evolved into a feasible transactional cryptocurrency, thanks in part to the Tesla CEO’s long-running endorsement. 

DOGE’s inflationary model is unique, because it encourages spending instead of hoarding, pushing the crypto’s potential beyond that of Bitcoin. Experts believe DOGE will see a massive surge in August and think it’ll be wise to keep an eye out.

WorldCoin: Controversy and Promise

WorldCoin, despite sparking a fair share of controversy, holds significant potential, according to analyst Aaron Arnold. The project, spearheaded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, uses an iris scan to offer a unique digital passport, presenting a novel approach to AI and crypto integration. Despite concerns regarding privacy and security, the concept’s sheer uniqueness could drive it to a substantial price increase next month.

Tommy Network: Privacy’s Champion

An antidote to WorldCoin’s controversy, the Tommy Network is a privacy-focused internet browser serving as the antithesis of Altman’s project. Regular tech updates and a strong commitment to privacy, choice, and decentralization make Tommy an exciting prospect for the future.

HEX and PULSE: Betting on Richard Hart

The next mention goes to HEX and PULSE, projects spearheaded by the notorious Richard Hart. Known for holding the lion’s share of the supply, Richard Hart coins have sparked a considerable stir in the crypto space.

Austin Arnold believes that despite the skepticism, their potential cannot be dismissed, especially with an upcoming documentary that could draw fresh eyes to these projects, thereby propelling their prices.

Solana and Avalanche

Rounding out our list are Solana and Avalanche. Solana, following a network outage, now boasts an impressive 100% uptime in the year’s second quarter, becoming EVM compatible in the process.

Avalanche, on the other hand, has pledged a significant $50 million for asset tokenization on its network, marking a substantial investment in the future of crypto assets.

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