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Crypto Influencer Bitboy Support $BEN Meme Coin ; Price Up 16x Today

The post Crypto Influencer Bitboy Support $BEN Meme Coin ; Price Up 16x Today appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Amid the rise of new meme coins like Pepe and WOJAK, famous crypto influencer Ben Armstrong alias @Bitboy_Crypto on Twitter has announced his support for the BEN coin. Notably, the $BEN meme coin was listed on Binance-backed Coinmarketcap and Coingecko on Monday, which significantly increased its global reach. As of reporting time, the $BEN token had total liquidity of about $5 million on Uniswap (V3). 

Notably, the meme coin has a market capitalization of approximately $15,231,640 and a 24-hour trading volume of about $22 million. The higher daily trading volume than the total market capitalization is a typical characteristic of a bullish outlook. Moreover, the BEN token has risen more than 1660 per cent in the past 24 hours according to market data provided by dexscreener.

Bitboy on $BEN token

In his profile, the popular crypto influencer has several coins including XRP, ADA, ETH, ICP, HBAR, ALGO, MATIC, and BEN. With about 1 million Twitter followers, the influencer hopes to attract more attention to the BEN meme coin.

As of Monday, the BEN token had about 2,440 holders who had transacted around 9,083 times according to on-chain data from ethplorer.

Notably, the influencer highlighted that he did not create the BEN meme token as it was developed for a group dubbed BEN DAO. Nevertheless, Bitboy admitted that he owns some of the BEN coins in his portfolio.

“Well, I guess Jeff knows now. Full disclosure I did not create this coin, it was created on behalf of a group I’m in called Ben DAO made up of all Bens, and I do own this coin in my portfolio. This was just supposed to be a fun thing. Are we having fun yet?” Bitboy noted.

In his endorsement tweet, Bitboy noted that he is on a mission to make BEN the number one name on the blockchain.

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