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Could Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Hit $1? Crypto Expert Weighs In

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In recent weeks, Terra Classic (LUNC) has been on an upswing, basking in the green zone with a notable seven-day price surge of 13%. The altcoin has witnessed a remarkable 323.66% surge in the past 24 hours, propelling its value to $0.00006508. This represents an 8% gain in the midst of a generally passive cryptocurrency market. Nevertheless, the altcoin faces consistent selling pressure, as indicated by its Relative Strength Index (RSI), which has remained below 40 since mid-July.

Despite swings, experts and analysts are bearish on LUNC. Why the negative outlook? Let’s explore.

$120 Is a Distant Dream

The recent downturn in Bitcoin, dropping from $27,500, has exerted selling pressure on Terra Classic coin. This, in turn, has created an opportunity for Rex “Rexyz” Harrison, who has raised important concerns about the potential of LUNC. Harrison casts doubts on the likelihood of LUNC reaching its ambitious target of $120, an all-time high for the token. He believes that achieving a $1 price would require substantial community efforts, with the chances of LUNC hitting $120 appearing exceedingly low.

Supporting Harrison’s claims, on-chain data reveals a surge in short-liquidations for LUNC, recently surpassing $20,000. Additionally, LUNC’s Open Interest has risen by $1 million, signaling increased trading activity. However, with the long-short ratio dwindling to 0.67, a bearish correction seems likely.

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Conditions for the $1 Price Point

Harrison outlines specific conditions for the community to reach the coveted $1 price for LUNC. He argues that 99.9% of LUNC’s circulating supply, which currently stands at 5.8 trillion, must be eliminated through burning or staking. This creates uncertainty about LUNC’s journey to $1, given Terra Classic’s current market capitalization of $374.12 million.

Harrison acknowledges that achieving a 90% reduction in circulation might be feasible through a combination of staking and burning, but this would still leave 690 billion LUNC tokens in circulation. The analyst believes that strong community support is essential to break through these resistance levels.

Does LUNC Need a Swap System? 

Furthermore, Harrison suggests that such an effort could potentially secure LUNC a $0.01 price, representing a staggering 15,269.87% growth from the current price. However, he notes that despite ongoing efforts, burning USTC tokens has made minimal progress in reducing the supply overhang. Additionally, burning LUNC itself has not significantly impacted the price.

All hope is not lost..

As a potential solution to LUNC’s reduction challenges, Harrison proposes the creation of a swap mechanism, such as LUNC – USTC2. This mechanism could potentially address the supply reduction and price enhancement issues faced by Terra Classic.

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