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Altcoins to Watch Out as the Crypto Space Approaches the Pinnacle of Bear Market!

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Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin price remained largely bearish throughout the year 2022 and spike high suddenly after it received huge buying volume in the first few days of November. The price which maintained a stagnant trend for more than 4 months, spiked by more than 150% in just a couple of days.

Undoubtedly, the price has almost halved since then but keeps up the bullish momentum. The DOGE price has raised the lower support levels and attempting a rebound and with a successful flip, the price may rise high in Q1 2023.


Shiba INU dropped by nearly 75% since the beginning of the yearly trade and presently maintaining a steep bearish trend. Presently, the price is testing the levels pretty closer to the June support levels and hence assumed to ignite a rebound very soon. As the volume has been hampered to a large extent, the bearish consolidation may prevail for a long which may end up in a giant move toward the north very soon.


Cardano price is hovering along the crucial area to hold and attempting very hard to trigger a rebound. However, after a brief consolidation, the price may begin with a brief uptick but slowly yet steadily. The pace may be lowered and hence it may consume more time than required. The price may reach the bottom in the first few days of 2023 and after a minor consolidation could rise high during the rest of 2023.


Polygon price appears to be the most promising token in 2023 which may incur huge profits in 2023. The price has been largely bullish despite the FTX debacle slashing most of the crypto price heavily. In the upcoming days, the MATIC price is expected to regain strength and reach beyond $1 very quickly. However, the bears appear to remain a little aloof and hence the bulls could continue rising high in 2023. 


Ripple price is the most awaited rally in 2023. The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit is expected to settle during Q1 2023, post to which giant price action is believed to occur. The possibilities of the exchanges relisting the token emerge which may create a FOMO among the market participants. Eventually, the XRP price is believed to regain $1 in a very small time frame and further continue raising high in the coming days. 


The Quant price maintained a magnificent rally regardless of the current market trends which were in favor of the bears. However, the FTX collapse hindered the price rally and slashed the price by more than 56% in a very less time frame. Presently, the price has halted the bearish trend and consolidating within a very narrow range, hence, displaying a huge chance of a bullish breakout very soon. 


Litecoin is considered one of the most undermined tokens which share almost an equal trading history to Bitcoin. The token began as a lighter version of Bitcoin and as the team behind the project remain passive, the price was also impacted in a similar way. Moreover, when the CEO is back in action now, a healthy upswing may be imminent. 


The Polkadot platform is largely known for its strong fundamentals. The diverse blockchain architecture enables the token to stand apart from the crowd. The concept of parachains has been a huge advantage of the platform which may assist the price rally in the coming days. Meanwhile, the price which is trading at the lowest ever possible levels may rise high and resume with a healthy uptrend very soon. 

Chainlink which is also called as the Oracle of the networks has just began to ignite a signiifant recovery phase. The spike may be not be at par but the asset appear to be quiet strong enough to undertake a gigantic rally very soon. Meanwhile, the price which is stuck up within a range may soon undergo a notable breakout in the coming days. 

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