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XRP Price Crashes by 30%: Is This the Beginning of the End?

The post XRP Price Crashes by 30%: Is This the Beginning of the End? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

After a promising period of growth, XRP, the popular cryptocurrency, has been hit by bearish pressure, causing its value to plummet from $0.91 to $0.62. The past three days have seen the token record three consecutive red candles, a clear indicator of a bearish trend.

Today, the situation worsened as XRP experienced an additional 2.42% drop, bringing the support level down to $0.6172. These persistent declines are driven by a combination of factors, contributing to widespread selling pressure and investor uncertainties.

Shadows Cloud XRP’s Performance

One significant factor behind XRP’s decline is the looming possibility of an appeal from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the ongoing Ripple lawsuit. Legal experts are concerned that prolonged legal battles could lead to prolonged uncertainties for investors.

In a statement, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, stated that “We won’t shy away from likely SEC’s appeal of its federal court ruling. And I believe the Court of Appeals will affirm Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling.” However, despite Alderoty’s reassurance, investor worries continue to influence the token’s performance, ahead of prolonged legal battles.

Adding to the worries is a recent ruling by SDNY District Judge Jed Rakoff in the SEC vs. Terraform Labs case, which challenged Judge Torres’ ruling. This development has raised apprehensions that the Court of Appeals might adopt a similar approach, further contributing to XRP’s downward spiral.

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US Dollar Gains Strength

The strengthening U.S. dollar index (DXY) since July 27 has also played a role in impacting XRP’s value. The significant appreciation of the DXY over the past week has added pressure on the token’s performance. Moreover, the 24-hour trade volume for XRP has declined, signaling diminishing interest among investors.

With these factors combined, XRP is facing a challenging environment in the crypto market. Investors are closely monitoring developments as the token navigates through uncertainties.

Critical Levels for XRP Price

XRP’s price has taken a hit, dropping to test the lows at $0.62. Analyst WatersAbove has issued a warning, stating that XRP needs to maintain its position above the 34-day EMA on the daily timeframe to avoid a potential collapse to the $0.55 to $0.58 range.

Currently trading at $0.6207, XRP has breached the 34-day EMA ($0.6525). If WatersAbove’s forecast holds true, we could witness further dips to the $0.58 territory. However, XRP still has two major support levels before reaching the $0.58 zone.

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XRP’s crucial support lies at $0.6090, which aims to protect against declines below the psychological level of $0.60. A break below $0.60 could be imminent if this support fails. In such a scenario, another support awaits at $0.5962, acting as a buffer against a drop to the $0.58 level.”

Investors are closely monitoring these support levels as XRP navigates through its current price challenges.

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