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Top Reason Why Polygon (MATIC) is Best Bet This Crypto Bull Run

The post Top Reason Why Polygon (MATIC) is Best Bet This Crypto Bull Run appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Crypto analyst Austin Arnold of Altcoin Daily recently shared his insights on Polygon (MATIC), the Ethereum scaling solution, and its potential to make investors millionaires in a YouTube video.

Google Cloud Partnership: A Major Boost for Polygon

Austin cites the strategic partnership between Google Cloud and Polygon as a critical development. Google Cloud announced plans to support Polygon and help grow its ecosystem during the Consensus Conference 2023. 

The Google Cloud blockchain node engine, a service for fully managed node hosting for web3 development, will support Polygon as part of a multi-year strategic alliance. This partnership demonstrates the growing influence of Polygon in the cryptocurrency market.

James Trumans from Google highlighted Google’s ongoing involvement in the web3 space and their commitment to Polygon. Brendan Farmer, the co-founder of Polygon, expressed enthusiasm for their partnership with Google Cloud, emphasizing how zk technology can help overcome blockchain scalability limits.

Institutional Support Grows for Polygon

Austin mentions that institutions like Franklin Templeton are also getting involved with Polygon. Franklin Templeton expanded its Unchain US Government Money Fund to Polygon, and its President and CEO, Jenny Johnson, shared her excitement for the cryptocurrency space and Polygon in particular.

Johnson emphasized that blockchain technology is essential for asset management and financial services. She explained that Franklin Templeton chose Polygon as the first EVM-compatible chain to host the Franklin on-chain US Government Money Fund, underlining Polygon’s increasing significance in the industry.

Polygon Millionaires: A Reality?

Austin speculates on the potential for MATIC tokens to create millionaires. He acknowledges that if an investor had one million of these tokens, they would be a crypto millionaire today. 

He goes on to discuss the possibilities for different quantities of MATIC tokens, suggesting that it’s possible to become a millionaire with 10,000 tokens if Polygon does a 100x, 20,000 tokens if it does a 50x, or 50,000 tokens if it does a 20x.

Although his analysis is not financial advice and cannot predict the future, Austin encourages investors to consider the opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and stay informed about Polygon’s growth and developments.

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