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Top Best Bet Altcoins For April 2024 

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The growing sentiments reflect the eagerness in the entire market for the altcoin season coming with the Bitcoin Halving this April. With the altcoins known for bigger and more sharp moves than Bitcoin, due to their low market cap, the investors are on the lookout for the next best performers. 

In such a season of hoarding the next potential best altcoin, we present to you such alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin. With the potential of securing higher returns, these altcoins come with significant use cases and/or community support. 

So, let’s go ahead. 


With the market participants going crazy for AI-driven projects, the AGIX token comes as a high-potential token. Further, the buzz of a merger with the other top AI crypto companies, the demand continues to surge.


With a massive surge of almost 400% in the last two months, the AGIX price shows huge underlying potential to hit new heights. Currently, the AI token trades at $1.30 and shows a potential uptrend to hit the $2.15 mark this April. In the shorter term, the breakout of $1.42 will signal an entry spot for the sideline traders. 

Bitcoin Cash

With the Bitcoin rally aiming to hit the $100,000 psychological mark with a sprint this April, Bitcoin Cash could piggyback this rally. Further, with the positive boost of the Bitcoin Halving on April 19th, the BCH price could hit the $1,000 mark in April.


As per the Fibonacci levels, the BCH price is ready to surpass the 38.20% Fib level in the weekly chart. With a massive jump of 104% in the last 30 days, the Bitcoin Cash price trend is gaining momentum. 

As the all-time high for Bitcoin Cash is $4,300, the upside potential for the altcoin is massive. 

Shiba Inu

No list of top bets in the crypto industry can be complete without the Shiba Inu token. As the second biggest meme coin, known as the Doge-killer, the SHIB price trend is always under the spotlight. 


As the meme coin has increased by 139% in the last 30 days, the SHIB price is trading above the $0.000030 mark. With a post-retest reversal in the weekly chart, Shiba Inu is setting a bullish stage for April.

If the uptrend sustains, the SHIB price could hit the $0.000054 mark in April. 


The biggest meme coin in the Solana ecosystem, Dogwifhat, shows a massive market of $4.532 Billion. As the meme coin surges 331% in just 30 days, the WIF price prepares to prolong the uptrend to bigger heights in April. 


With a potential altcoin season in April, undervalued meme coins like WIF could skyrocket to give massive returns. Taking a conservative approach, the trend-based Fibonacci levels predict a jump to the $7 or $10 mark. 


As one of the best performers among the top-tier meme coins, FLOKI is another community-driven bet on our list. Moreover, with hype and FOMO being the key catalysts in the recent bull runs, the FLOKI meme coin is the near-perfect choice. 


With a rounding bottom, ready for a bullish breakout and a bounce back from the support trendline, the FLOKI price could surge shortly. Further, the meme coin is gaining momentum, with a 652% return in the last 365 days. 

Hence, with the bullish breakout of $0.00030, the meme coin could hit the $0.00060 mark for more than a 100% surge from the current market price of $0.000242.


With the meme coins, AI tokens, and the close of Bitcoin being our top altcoin bets for April 2024, a massive market-wide surge is expected. In such a case, the bull run could lead to higher targets in our top bets.

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