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Top 3 Altcoins To Turn $1 to $10 By End of May  

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With the bearish influence growing over the market, the 14% drop in Bitcoin in April continues this month. Certain altcoins are preparing for a bullish takeoff as BTC price struggles near the $60,000 psychological milestone.

Ready to swim against the bearish tide in the broader market, these altcoins could explode this month to new unprecedented heights. Further, will a bullish turnaround in Bitcoin fuel the rally in these altcoins or increase the supply with BTC prices slipping under $60,000?

Top 3 Altcoin Bets For 10x Profit by End of May

Velo (VELO)

Velo Labs is revolutionizing financial transactions with its innovative federated credit exchange network powered by the Velo Protocol. It facilitates digital credit issuance and borderless asset transfers through a robust smart contract system. 

Utilizing the Stellar Consensus Protocol for rapid and secure transactions, Velo Labs is quite versatile. It supports a broad range of business applications, central to which is the ability to issue collateral-backed digital credits tied to any fiat currency. This helps to enhance transparency and efficiency in value exchanges.

With a market capitalization of approximately $186.7 million, VELO positions itself at #290 in the crypto market. 


The recent bullish turnaround in the VELO token price puts it on the radar of many investors looking out for underrated low-cap altcoins. With more than a 300% rise in the last six weeks, the bull run in the altcoin is attractive and projecting a stronger trend this month. 

With the all-time high at $2.07 and the current market price of just $0.0251, the upside potential is massive for Velo. If the bull run sustains in the market, the altcoin could easily scale more than 10x growth in 2024. 

LeverFi (Lever)

LeverFi offers a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly combines trading and yield farming, enabling traders to leverage their investments more effectively. Users can deposit various types of collateral, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and liquidity provider tokens from Curve and Uniswap, to unify and trade on larger scales. 

LeverFi enhances trading efficiency with a straightforward fee structure, charging just 1% per trade.


The LEVER token price shows a trend reversal rally in 2024, scaling to almost 200% and offers a breakout entry opportunity. As it crosses the $0.003750 resistance zone, the altcoin is ready for a massive jump this week. 

If the bull run sustains in the Bitcoin or DeFi sector, the altcoin could scale a 10x surge in May. 

Highstreet (HIGH)

HIGH Token is the backbone of Highstreet, a play-to-earn metaverse that blends decentralized commerce with VR support. Further, this ecosystem allows for a fluid currency exchange between the physical and virtual worlds. It offers a unique marketplace where in-game items are valuable within the game and can be redeemed for real-world products. 

As players navigate the metaverse, they acquire items that transcend digital boundaries, enhancing their virtual and physical experiences.


HIGH has a market cap of $230.3 million, ranking it #258 globally. Further, HIGH price performance reflects an all-time high at $40.26, marking a discount of 88.65%, as it currently trades at $4.57.   

Further, the altcoin has surged remarkably in the past four weeks by more than 100%. Thus, with the bullish momentum increasing for the altcoin, the buyers could experience a massive jump this month. 

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