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Ripple News: XRP Price Trajectory Amidst Legal Battles and Market Trends

The post Ripple News: XRP Price Trajectory Amidst Legal Battles and Market Trends appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

In recent weeks, Ripple’s price has mostly been in a downtrend after facing resistance at $0.9. As it tries to recover, a few factors could impact its price. An important event is the upcoming SEC appeal following a judge’s ruling that XRP is not a security. 

Ripple’s legal team is getting ready to address the SEC’s appeal against Judge Torres’ decision. Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton is now looking at former SEC official William Hinman’s speech and how the Howey Test applies to XRP.

 XRP has been on a rollercoaster ride in recent years, facing ups and downs along with regulatory attention. Through it all, XRP has remained a steadfast top-10 contender, showcasing its underlying strength amidst doubts. According to the analyst Crypto Crusader, what truly matters isn’t just the price, but the ability to maintain a high rank over time. 

He explained, “Everyone is always focused on the price of XRP, but fail to see the value of remaining a top 10 project for this long. I also see XRP as a top 10 project for many cycles to come from the value being created on the #XRPLedger.”

He believes the future crypto market could be worth $5 trillion to $10 trillion. If XRP stays in the top 10, its value might go up to $500 billion to $1 trillion. This depends on more companies using blockchain tech without people even realizing it.

He wrote, “In the next cycle many believe we could see $5T-$10T in marketcap. If this is the case and XRP is still in the top 10, would it be crazy to assume that XRP could be worth $500B-$1T in marketcap?”

The yearly XRP chart shows a rising trend with ups and downs. The highest point at $3.32 and the subsequent drop are part of this pattern. This suggests XRP could go up more, considering market trends and upcoming events.

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