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Ripple News: Can XRP’s Utility Lead to a High Fair Market Value?

The post Ripple News: Can XRP’s Utility Lead to a High Fair Market Value? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

In a recent tweet, Australian lawyer Bill Morgan expressed skepticism about XRP’s current price struggles, raising the intriguing question of whether this cryptocurrency, often considered the black sheep and darling of the crypto world, could eventually surge to an astonishing price of $10,000. Is this speculation or a plausible future scenario?

Morgan highlights Ripple’s resistance to the SEC’s claim that XRP has no inherent value. According to Ripple, the value of XRP comes from its “inherent utility as a bridge currency to facilitate cross-border payments.” He raises a crucial question: Can this utility drive the token to an astronomical market value?

What is the real value of XRP?

Ripple has long defended the digital asset as being invaluable for facilitating cross-border transactions and serving as a bridge for CBDCs. The company argues that XRP’s utility lies in its functionality, not speculation. If this is the case, then its current market value is not reflective of its potential to transform global payments.

XRP aims to play—serving as a bridge for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). XRP isn’t just any bridge. It’s like the Golden Gate Bridge of cryptocurrencies, designed to handle heavy, incessant financial traffic with smoothness and this isn’t mere conjecture or hype. It’s a role XRP was designed for.

Will the XRP Price Skyrocket?

To put it simply, if XRP is supposed to bridge transactions for all CBDCs worldwide, then a mere $10 per token won’t provide the liquidity needed to keep that bridge from collapsing under pressure. In such a scenario, a valuation of $10,000 or more per token might just be logical.

For now, as Bill Morgan reminds us, the valuation of XRP deserves careful consideration and open debate. Dismissing the lofty $10,000 scenario as fantasy may not just be premature, but could also represent a significant blind spot in understanding the crypto-asset’s long-term potential.

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