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September 28, 2023
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Musk might promote Dogecoin again on TV while he’s on Rock’s Show

With Elon Musk’s TV recent debut on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in May last year, expectations are that he will continue making his appearance on television thus benefitting himself with a much larger audience than he could get on Twitter. During SNL, Musk promoted his favored meme coin— Dogecoin.

Currently, he has been welcomed to inaugurate a program anchored by Hollywood comedian Chris Rock. If Musk tries to favour Dogecoin there, it is going to be entirely a matter of astonishment for the followers as, till now, he has not uploaded any post about it for the Doge community, if he aims to do so. But of course, nothing can be said for sure.

In the latest tweet, Musk presented his gratitude to Rock and swore: “not to flounder too much.” Chris Rock has been in rumors and gossip in Hollywood lately because of the scandal with Will Smith which happened during the Oscars ceremony in July.

Towards the end of the month, Smith shot a video to beg pardon to Rock; although, later the comedian openly refused to accept it while SNL.

On 8 May 2021, the billionaire and the founder of multiple firms, such as the Tesla and SpaceX giants, Musk, was first seen on TV as the co-host of the famous program “Saturday Night Live.” He cracked jokes referring to his Twitter handle, the content he used to upload there, and regarding the original meme coin— Dogecoin.

After the billionaire’s continuous promotion during SNL, the meme cryptocurrency reached to a new historic height. Bitcoin had the exact industry capital a couple of years ago— in 2019 during the industrial bear. Elon even joked about his debut to the Doge community on Twitter, by naming himself “The DogeFather,”

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