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Ethereum & Altcoins Are Scams, Only Bitcoin Is King: Peter Brandt’s SHOCKING Claims

The post Ethereum & Altcoins Are Scams, Only Bitcoin Is King: Peter Brandt’s SHOCKING Claims appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Seasoned trading expert Peter Brandt has made headlines by declaring Ethereum (ETH) and all other crypto assets as “scams”, placing Bitcoin (BTC) as the sole reliable option for investors. 

What’s the reasoning behind his rebellious stance? Read on.

Bitcoin Reigns Supreme

Brandt, a respected foreign exchange trader, took to social media to express his disbelief in the potential of any crypto asset besides Bitcoin (BTC). He boldly asserted that BTC is the only contender that will survive the volatile crypto market, dismissing all others as mere imitators or fraudulent schemes.

His statement came as a response to a prominent crypto trader, Cheds, on Twitter who proclaimed Bitcoin as the “safest” bet in the crypto industry following a recent market collapse that sent several altcoins tumbling.

Bitcoin is the ONLY trustworthy bet in the crypto world. All others are nothing more than wannabes or scams, including ETH.” 

Needless to say, the crypto community was left shocked and reeling.

Brandt’s Long-Standing “Beef” With Altcoins

  • Brandt has consistently displayed his mistrust toward altcoins, despite analyzing a few of them on several occasions. Notably, he likened Ethereum to silver, with Bitcoin being the gold standard. While acknowledging Ethereum’s potential for survival, Brandt firmly believes that Bitcoin will always remain the legacy token.
  • He has always been critical of Ethereum. Back in June 2022, he expressed doubt about the game-changing potential of the Ethereum Merge. Criticizing Ethereum for its cumbersome nature and high transaction fees, he referred to it as “a piece of cr*p crypto” and compared the Merge to the rebuilding of the LZ 129 Hindenburg airship.
  • As of last November, he boldly predicted that 99% of all crypto assets would eventually collapse to zero, emphasizing Bitcoin’s resilience as the lone survivor.
  • Interestingly, despite his initial disinterest, Brandt recently took note of XRP, analyzing the asset and forecasting a minimum target price of $3. This surprising shift in perspective showcases Brandt’s willingness to reassess certain cryptocurrencies under specific circumstances.

While Brandt maintains his unwavering faith in Bitcoin’s long-term prospects, he continues to criticize the excessive enthusiasm and fervor displayed by Bitcoin holders, likening it to a “bad religion.”

Do you agree with Brandt? Tell us. 

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