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XRP Price: Why XRP Could Be the Next Big Thing for Investors?

The post XRP Price: Why XRP Could Be the Next Big Thing for Investors? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Despite facing legal battles in the past, BitBoy Crypto, a well-known crypto influencer, remains bullish on the digital asset’s future. He recently took to Twitter to share his views on the potential for XRP investors to generate significant wealth following the resolution of the Ripple v SEC case.

BitBoy believes that the legal dispute between Ripple and the SEC will soon come to an end, paving the way for a new chapter of wealth generation for XRP investors. He also acknowledged that he had previously predicted a resolution of the lawsuit in September 2021, which did not come to fruition. 

However, his current remarks are based on factual information, as the trial calendar is expected to conclude soon.

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Why XRP is a Good Investment

BitBoy Crypto, a prominent crypto influencer, believes that XRP’s future is bright due to its real-world use cases, particularly in cross-border payments. This has led to a surge in demand and a 42% increase in XRP’s price in the past month.

Other analysts, such as Peter Brandt, share this bullish sentiment, predicting a minimum price of $3 for XRP shortly. However, Ripple’s favorable settlement in the SEC lawsuit without any appeal is crucial for XRP to cement its position as one of the top-performing assets in the next bull run. Keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrency carries risk and requires caution and research.

The Current State of XRP

The XRP price has been relatively stable over the past few months, hovering around $1.40. However, the SEC Court filing supporting its Petition for Summary Judgment has put XRP under pressure today, causing its price to drop by 0.50% to $0.51499 at the time of writing. The mixed start to the day saw XRP rise to an early high of $0.51792 before falling to a low of $0.51256.

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