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XRP Price Surges as Ripple Nears IPO: Is $15 or $35 in Sight?

The post XRP Price Surges as Ripple Nears IPO: Is $15 or $35 in Sight? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Leading cryptocurrency analyst and influencer, Ben Armstrong, commonly known as BitBoy has made bold predictions regarding XRP’s future price surge. 

According to Bitboy, XRP could rally to $15 and even reach an astonishing $35  over the next 18 months. If Ripple successfully times its initial public offering (IPO) to capitalize on the market’s favorable conditions.

BitBoy‘s Bullish Outlook

In a recent tweet, Bitboy expressed his bullish outlook on XRP’s price trajectory, fueled by the possibility of Ripple’s IPO aligning with favorable market dynamics. The analyst, known for his accurate predictions in the past, believes that XRP, currently valued at approximately $0.82, could experience a substantial surge.

BitBoy emphasized his belief in XRP’s potential to soar to $15, representing a remarkable 1,729% increase from its current value. If Ripple’s IPO timing aligns moderately well with market conditions, XRP’s price could soar to this level, presenting substantial gains for investors.

BitBoy’s projections come amid XRP’s recent accomplishments, surpassing Bitcoin in cumulative trade volume since the court’s ruling on July 13. The asset accounted for 21% of all volume over the past week, reflecting growing demand and heightened market interest

Is $35 in Sight?

However, the analyst’s second projection of $35 showcases a more optimistic scenario. Bitboy expects Ripple’s IPO to be timed perfectly and regulatory clarity to substantially improve, which would require the XRP price to rise by 4,168%, creating tremendous excitement within the cryptocurrency community.

Back in April, BitBoy named XRP as his top altcoin picks for the next bull run, predicting its potential skyrocketing if the SEC lawsuit favored it, granting XRP the sole asset with legal and regulatory clarity. While BitBoy anticipates a price increase to these projected highs, he acknowledges that the market is unpredictable. 

BitBoy also drew attention to the possibility of a “pointless, vindictive” appeal from the US SEC on the recent court ruling, which could impede XRP from breaking its ATH. Even though, the market watchers speculated about an SEC appeal, especially after SEC Chairman Gary Gensler expressed disappointment with parts of the ruling.

Bitcoin Gets Left Behind!

While Bitboy’s predictions have captured the attention of the crypto community, it is important to note that all projections come with inherent risks and uncertainties. BitBoy’s recent statement about XRP’s future was prompted by Evan Luthra, a well-known angel investor and entrepreneur. 

Luthra pointed out that since the court’s ruling on July 13, XRP has surpassed Bitcoin in cumulative trade volume. Impressed by this remarkable feat, Luthra asked his audience for their price projections. The majority of predictions have been bullish, given XRP’s current price movements and the increasing demand in the market.

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