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XRP Price Prediction 2023: Analyst Predicts XRP To Hit $6 By End Of The Year

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It’s a highly volatile market, but this fact doesn’t deter crypto analysts from making bold forecasts. Prominent cryptocurrency analyst and YouTuber, CoinsKid, is one such expert who predicts that Ripple’s XRP will skyrocket to a remarkable $6 by the end of 2023. This implies an astonishing 720% return on investment from the current price of $0.74.

CoinsKid points to an ascending triangle pattern in XRP’s price trajectory. Such a pattern typically indicates a strong upward move in the near future. He suggests that we are potentially witnessing a three-wave breakout. If this pattern plays out as he expects, the price of XRP could see a significant surge.

XRP’s Path to $6: Wave Dynamics

Diving deeper into the analyst’s predictions, the third wave in this breakout is expected to be the real game-changer. This wave should have enough momentum to surpass XRP’s April 2021 high and may even challenge the all-time high. 

With this projection in mind, a considerable degree of patience is required from investors, considering the inherent volatility of the crypto market.

The YouTuber emphasizes the crypto investing mantra – “Buy the blood and the fear.” This statement stresses the need to acquire assets during market downturns when prices are low, rather than buying during an upsurge. 

According to him, downturns are an investor’s friend, while the impressive green candles often seduce investors into buying at higher prices, only to suffer losses when the market corrects.

Future Price Trajectory: A Similar Pattern from the Past

CoinsKid also draws parallels with XRP’s behavior in 2020. The price pattern that unfolded then appears to be repeating now, and if history is any guide, we could be in for another massive rally. However, CoinsKid also acknowledges the influence of external factors, such as the overbought DXY (Dollar Index), which could contribute to crypto market volatility.

Should XRP experience a pullback, this event should not incite panic. Instead, it’s seen as a new opportunity for investors who missed previous lows to buy. CoinsKid argues that such market reactions present opportunities for high returns, especially if the price retraces back to the neckline of the ascending triangle.

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