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Top Three Altcoins to Buy For Massive Gains This Bull Run

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Let’s face it. The crypto markets have been very turbulent lately, and several investors have been left stunned, unsure of what their next move should be.

Cryptocurrency expert and influencer, Ben Armstrong, to the rescue! He recently highlighted three coins he believes are primed for significant growth. Should the altcoin market take a nosedive, these are the crypto gems Armstrong suggests you turn your attention to.

Ride the XRP Wave!

XRP has been making waves in the crypto community, not least because of its recent price fluctuations. While it experienced a rise, doubling in value, it subsequently faced a 50% decline, landing it around the $0.50 mark. 

Many are speculating that should the XRP price slide down to the $0.30 range, it would be an opportune moment to invest. Ben says that the aftermath of its lawsuit has largely settled, and as the next bull cycle approaches, having XRP as a primary asset in one’s portfolio might prove lucrative.

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While much of the crypto community’s focus has been on Layer 2 solutions like Polygon and Arbitrum, Ben says Chainlink quietly carves its niche. Think of it as the bridge between the virtual world of blockchain and the tangible real world. 

Chainlink’s oracles act as connectors, pulling data from the real world and integrating it into the blockchain. Despite its understated performance in the recent bull market, Chainlink, with its vast partnerships and strong community backing, remains the undisputed leader in the Oracle arena.

Ben believes the crypto will increase significantly during the next bull run.

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The Dogecoin Surprise

Turning heads and raising eyebrows, Dogecoin’s endorsement comes from its potential integration into what many are dubbing the “Everything app” – a platform previously known as Twitter.

The brainchild of Elon Musk, this app could revolutionize microblogging by introducing an in-app economy, says Ben. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are expected mainstays, Dogecoin, with its anticipated integration into this platform, might just become the dark horse that astounds us all.

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