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Ripple News : Top Reasons Why XRP Price Might Ignite A Fresh Rally Soon

The post Ripple News : Top Reasons Why XRP Price Might Ignite A Fresh Rally Soon appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

Ripple’s XRP is showing signs of emerging from its price suppression woes caused by regulatory uncertainties and legal battles. The recent legal development, where a judge confirmed XRP’s status as not a security, has injected optimism into the market, boosting the potential for significant price movement.

Ripple’s partnerships with central banks and initiatives focused on creating stablecoins linked to national currencies, known as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), are seen as pivotal. Integrating these stablecoins onto the XRP Ledger could bolster XRP’s utility and adoption as a bridge asset for cross-border transactions.

XRP Price Analysis

Market analyst Egrag highlighted a compelling bullish signal on XRP’s weekly chart – a golden cross formation. This pattern, occurring for the third time, historically correlates with substantial price surges. Despite XRP struggling to stay above $0.50 currently, the impending bullish cross could trigger a considerable price rally.

The chart illustrates the 21 Weekly Exponential Moving Average (EMA) nearing convergence above the 100 Weekly Moving Average (MA). This pattern previously emerged in 2017 and 2021, both times preceding significant price upswings. The first instance, in March 2017, saw XRP surge from $0.00672 to $3.31 by January 2018, a remarkable gain of 49,155% in ten months.

In conclusion, XRP’s potential resurgence is driven by regulatory clarity, collaborations with central banks, and the prospect of integrating CBDC-linked stablecoins onto the XRP Ledger. The bullish golden cross pattern identified by Egrag further supports the likelihood of a substantial price upturn, reminiscent of previous occurrences that led to noteworthy price gains.

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