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Dogecoin ( DOGE) Price Will Easily Hit ATH, Predicts David Gokhshtein 

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David Gokhshtein, the founder of Gokhshtein media, in a tweet, predicted that the Dogecoin price would reach an all-time high if integrated into Twitter’s payment modes. According to Gokhshtein, integrating Twitter and Doge can multiply the latter’s price in the near future. 

Furthermore, Gokhshtein is not the only one who is speculating that Musk will integrate Dogecoin into Twitter’s payment services. As such, the meme coin has more than doubled in the past two weeks.

According to market data provided by Coingecko, Dogecoin price is up approximately 109 percent in the past seven days to trade at around $0.13 at reporting time. The coin has risen to the top ten by market cap, now ranked in position 8 with a valuation of approximately $17.9 billion.

As a meme coin, Dogecoin is primarily designed for speculative purposes, although utility aspects have kicked in in the past few years. Furthermore, the Dogecoin network did not have developer activity for years since its inception until Musk gave much attention to the meme coin.

Dogecoin Price and Market Outlook 

Dogecoin has led the meme coin industry, with Shiba Inu (SHIB) closely following in similar footsteps. Notably, Doge has majorly benefited from a robust global community of investors. Whereby data by onchain provider, Tokenview indicate Doge has 5,090,951 holders worldwide.

As a proof-of-work (PoW) secured blockchain, Dogecoin has a total hashrate of 530.69 (TH/s) and a mining difficulty of 7.75 (M).

Dogecoin has several characteristics that make it more desirable to most traders than other digital assets. On the top list, transactions on the DOGE blockchain are processed more rapidly and at a lower cost than those on the Bitcoin network. Every minute, a new block of user transactions is added to the DOGE blockchain to be processed. On the other hand, every ten minutes, a new block is processed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Despite being a promising currency, it has an unlimited supply, and it can weigh down prices if the demand doesn’t match the supply.

The cryptocurrency market is in its second decade of existence. Market strategists forecast significant volatility in the coming decades as adoption goes viral worldwide. Moreover, countries have begun to adopt digital assets as legal tender led by El Salvador and the Central African Republic.

The Dogecoin ecosystem has much room to grow as it has not even ventured into the smart contract market, including play-to-earn and DeFis. Nonetheless, the Doge ecosystem can fly to the moon, majorly fueled by speculations.

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