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September 28, 2023
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Altcoin Rally Ahead: Macro Economist Henrik Zeberg Identifies Key Catalysts

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The crypto community is abuzz with excitement as macroeconomist Henrik Zeberg predicts an impending altcoin season. After experiencing market volatility, investors are now seeking alternative cryptocurrencies, leading to a surge in demand. 

With the Federal Reserve seemingly done hiking interest rates, Zeberg believes that greed will soon take over, resulting in an altcoin rally. 

What’s next for the Altcoins?

Henrik Zeberg, a macroeconomist, believes that the crypto markets are on the brink of igniting a new altcoin season. With a massive following of over 106,900 on Twitter, Zeberg suggests that an alt season may be on the horizon, as he predicts that the Federal Reserve is done hiking interest rates.

Fed To Act As A Catalyst?

According to Zeberg, greed will eventually kick in, as the market price in a Fed pause. 

He tweets his current state of mind: “Altseason not quite here…. yet!” Vanity has to take over. It’s inevitable, as Fed appears to have finished. 

This comment implies that the halt in interest rates would be beneficial for alternative cryptocurrencies.

Slow Down for Bitcoin & Ethereum

Zeberg shares a chart from crypto-focused hedge fund Swissblock, which reveals that the momentum for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) has recently slowed down. This slowdown could present a “buy-the-dip opportunity” for bulls looking to get into the market. 

As DXY (US dollar index) bounces in the coming weeks, Zeberg believes that we may see a pullback in Bitcoin.

Investors, Go Long! 

Despite being short-term bearish on Bitcoin and crypto, Zeberg still thinks that the asset will soar in the coming months. 

He tweets, “When is the imminent crash? Why haven’t the Bears been shouting about this since October? Risky investments and stocks are about to SOAR!”

He goes on to say that this Bitcoin downturn would be a fantastic chance to go into long positions. It’s also a sign that the BTC price may start rising before the halving in 2024.

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