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World Of Ether: Will It Break Records or Bust?

World of Ether has the potential to become the biggest crypto collectable game in history, but excitement about the groundbreaking game has slowed to a cool simmer.  The Developers seem to be exhibiting the classic developer’s dilemma.. holding off for perfection and missing the opportune time to hit the market.

Excitement in the gaming community was at an all-time high as World of Ether was crowned the “next big thing,” This was the DApp to be King of Ethereum games, making Crypto Kitty sales look like pocket change.. and it still could be, but the mania has died down and interest is dwindling.


This could change overnight, but with sparse updates and no real release dates gamers that would have been all in have found other, more reliable options. In our opinion, they missed the opportune time to release the game.

Will World Of Ether Come out of The Woodwork With an Incredible Game, or did they miss the boat and lost your interest? Let us know in the comments.

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Concern: Consumers have begun to lose interest. Developers need to give a concrete release date and make improvements as the game matures.

The World of Ether awaits you…

Join now and get eggs before launch!

World of Ether is a decentralized collectible dueling game that lives inside of a browser on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The game is centered around the collection, breeding, and fighting of monsters. Each monster is stored inside of a contract and referenced by our platform.

Monsters are broken into 4 grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary.

These monsters fall into 5 types:                             

Sun: Representing light, warmth, flying, and fire.

Ocean: Representing water, depth, and mystery.

Life: Representing fertility and vegetation.

Death: Representing demise, undoing, and finality.

Astral : Representing intelligence, psychic ability, and the metaphysical.

Initially there will be 200 monsters.



In order to keep the game decentralized it is of utmost importance that the author of the game cannot flood the market with extra monsters, harming the marketplace. However, because the game may need more monsters in the future, there is a very minimal chance that upon breeding, a new species can come into existence. This species would then be added to the list of possible monsters.

Because of this feature, there will eventually be well over 200 monsters. Our servers will hold the artwork for these new monsters, but the battle points, type, and rarity of the new monster will be generated at random through our algorithm, so as to maintain decentralization for the platform.



1. Install MetaMask

Step-by-step: How to install Metamask

2. Send ETH to your wallet

World of Ether runs on ether(ETH). You can purchase ETH directly through MetaMask, or any other exchange. Coinbase is highly recommended if you are purchasing ETH for the first time. If you already have ETH on a personal wallet, you can transfer ETH as needed to your MetaMask wallet address.


  • Buy eggs by choosing the amount and sending the required ETH. You’ll also be able to buy monsters from other users when the game launches.





All monsters by default will be undiscovered. As users discover them they will forever be credited for the discovery.

Obtaining monsters


To collect monsters, obtain eggs by breeding or purchasing from the marketplace. Eggs take a short time to hatch.




Go head-to-head with other players to gain EXP.

Increase your odds


Experience is gained from battles. Players gain levels to the max of 50. As the level increases, the player’s chance of breeding rare monsters improves.




Buy and sell monsters through the WoE Marketplace

Trading monsters


There is no direct trading in WoE. The only way to sell monsters, or to obtain other players’ monsters, is to use the marketplace. Eggs will continue to be available for sale from our platform, but prices increase with every egg bought to encourage a thriving market. The marketplace will be available on launch.

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