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UTIX Platform – eliminating the role of counterfeit tickets!

The event organizers go through a lot of hassle to arrange an event and attract the audience from different areas. After putting in a lot of efforts for the event there are some people out there who will make those efforts go down the drain with few practices. One such practice is counterfeiting of tickets. Yes, you heard it right. Right after the event organizers start selling the tickets there are so many people who imitate those tickets and sell them on various platforms including online and offline ones.
The e-Ticketing has two markets- primary market and secondary market. The primary market is a place where the tickets are sold by event organizers. There are some people who buy these tickets in the primary market for the price that has been dictated by the event organizer and then again sell the same ticket in the secondary market for a huge price. Depending upon the artist, the hike of the ticket price varies. Usually these people buy tickets in bulk and sell it on various platforms. There are some people who imitate the entire design of ticket and prepare the counterfeit ones. This way the people get scammed buying them thinking as the real tickets.
There is one such solution to eliminate these counterfeit tickets completely and it is UTIX. UTIX is an online platform that provides a decentralized e-Ticketing option. The entire platform is constructed on Ethereum and the use of smart contracts as well as tokens makes it the best option for e-Ticketing.
UTIX is one such platform which is designed in favour of the event organizers. The event organizers would be able to sign up on the platform for free and avail some of the amazing benefits that are present on the platform. Every user who signs up to the platform will be provided with a token wallet. The required details for signing up are email Id, phone number and your identity proof. Without this identity proof you won’t be allowed into the concert. You can sign up as either event organizer or a user.
UTIX removes the requirement of tickets completely. When an event organizer has created an event, he must be required to create the ticket and these tickets will be having the following details
• Name of the specific type of ticket
• Number of tickets they want to distribute
• Price of each ticket
• Distribution release time and date
• Distribution end time
• Refundable
• Redistribution (permission to sell the tickets in secondary market)
• Maximum and minimum re-sale price

After providing all the details, a number of tokens will be transferred to the event organizers wallets. This provides the entire analytics about the event for the organizers. When a ticket is purchases the smart contract is called to transfer the token to that user wallet. This way the tickets are sold in the form of tokens and the tickets do not have a specific form on this UTIX platform. When there are no tickets at all then there is no chance that they can be imitated. This way the event organizers as well as users won’t fall prey for the scammers. This is one of the best and most reliable platforms to sell the tickets where all the cons of e-Ticketing are solved. After the completion of event, the unused tokens and the tokens present in the clients account are directly transferred to the Reserve Fund present on the platform. The best part of this UTIX platform is the event organizers will be having the control over the secondary market too. The tickets are resold only with the permission of the event organizer and only at the price he dictates. The platform is user friendly and provides many benefits to both organizers and users.

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