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The Deus STO accelerator, the future approach to global tokenization

The cryptocurrency market is evolving, as the global phenomenon of digital currencies that has changed the world once and for all is still the hottest topic being discussed across the world’s industries. The rise of cryptocurrencies created an entirely new generation of businesses based on absolutely different approaches of becoming global at the moment of their inception.

The new era of digital assets

It is obvious that a digital revolution in the financial sector is coming, but the real potential of these changes is going to become evident over the next decade, and the fate of those who have not taken their first steps on the way to tokenization is undefined. Modern banks should acknowledge that their institutional complacency and regulatory bindings are breeding major risks of obsolescence.

The new era of digital financing has brought about a great many things, but of the most defining factors is, of course, an alternative to classical funding. When for some it is still unclear whether this is more of a challenge or an opportunity, for others, it is The Golden Fleece of development. It is an important decision to be made and the Deus platform is taking on the mantle of leading the development of such a new concept as the Financial Internet of the Future. Being among the first to capture and develop this trend, Deus is storming the market with the idea of an International STO Accelerator. For many years, companies around the world have faced the concrete wall of legal issues and funding difficulties at their times of greatest success and at times of crisis. Being restricted in either scenario is an almost certain path to even biggers issues. 

Lessons of the past provide better future

But how can an STO Accelerator be of aid? The shares of companies have been up for sale since the system of financial relationships established itself. But the legal boundaries that come with the system have also existed in parallel. Deus proposes to remove said boundaries by a simple step-by-step tokenization process of your business.

During the times of the first ICOs, these tokens were mostly operated in a gray area, as they varied widely in their functions and fundraising methods, and investors were left confused. ICOs were at their top as a brand new fundraising method but remained neglected by many countries, being more of a tradable asset than actual security. Unlike ICOs, STOs take a step further and distribute tokens that fall under the status of securities. They are linked to underlying investment assets like stocks, bonds, real estate investment trusts or other funds. These tokens are real financial instruments with monetary value, like part of a property or a company. With this greater safety and liquidity, the Deus platform proposes to take an even greater step forward.

Ecosystem of tokenization

Via the tokenization of a great many companies, the global platform will create its own unique ecosystem. Members of this ecosystem retain their legal status while being completely liberated from the tethers that had restrained them. Deus cooperates globally with the most promising categories of investments, allowing its members to fund and own a digital part of their assets.

As a pioneer in this field, the Deus platform seeks a much greater goal rather than a revolution of STO funding – the evolution of the financial ecosystem we currently belong to. First as a conception, and now – a clear vision of building the Financial Internet of the Future, where regulation belongs to the customer and assets flow in a continuous circle without boundaries.

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