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Stratus: The Only Secure Social Platform that Fosters Free Speech

Stratus, the new Apollo Fintech project, is a captivating social ecosystem that seeks to include functionalities of several mainstream social media services in one centralized account. It also plans to avail banking services from major payment platforms such as Paypal and Coinbase. 

The social media platform will be rolled out in four phases that will see the platform integrate social services from Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and WhatsApp, and more. The first phase has been already rolled out and the platform is live.

Stratus is a branch of the Apollo blockchain technology and thus adopts the military-grade encryption the blockchain offers to protect user information and safely complete transactions in sub-seconds. 

Moreover, the Stratus social media development team, headed by Stephern McCullah, does not allow tracking and distribution of data, unlike other social media forums like Facebook. The platform stakeholders are vividly against the violation of other websites’ privacy, where they sell private user data to advertisers and government agencies.

A Social Platform that Caters to Every Interest 

McCullah made a statement about data getting sold and used without their consent. He gave a scenario where someone randomly speaks about a product they are interested in on the phone to find an advertisement about that product immediately after they sign in their social accounts. 

The Apollo CEO is against such data mining strategies. He believes that everyone must have every bit of private information concealed from third parties, specifically in this modern social media age. 

Stratus seeks to guarantee data integrity by encrypting user details and allowing access only to the owner. If there is data to be shared, authorization is exclusive to the user, and the benefits befall them solely. 

Another major issue that Stratus seeks to address is censorship, which is almost habitual across existing social websites such as Twitter and Youtube. In some cases, people get their opinions barred from public view because they are not popular or go against the mainstream narrative.

As such, dissenting voices from activists, government opponents, or just content creators that go against the grain often find themselves facing account bans on most existing social networks. 

Stratus believes that the free exchange of ideas is necessary for a healthy society, which is why the new social network will strive to uphold the right to freedom of speech at all times. 

Stratus Fosters Payments and Cryptocurrency Uptake

The new social network plans incorporate the world of economics alongside social services streaming, chatting, and video sharing. The ecosystem will have a broad reach in the business sector, as it provides a single platform where traders can transact crypto, buy or sell stocks, and most importantly, send money. 

More so, in conjunction with Knox WorldPay, Stratus has developed a system that allows social media enthusiasts to send and receive BTC globally. People interested in holding and using cryptocurrency can open a wallet on Stratus and use Knox Pay to transact bitcoin to any part of the world, even in marginalized countries with no internet access.  The Stratus trading platform also supports P2P crypto exchanges; merchants can find matches and pairs to trade cryptocurrency easily on the expansive social media market.

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