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Some of the Issues WaCo Hopes to Overcome
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Some of the Issues WaCo Hopes to Overcome

One of the issues the WaCo project hopes to overcome is how to obtain people’s data based on waste disposal. They will need to collect high-quality data such as the quality and quantity of waste. The most accurate source of data on a consumer’s waste is the consumer.

A consumer can collect information relating to what, when, where, how much, and the breakdown of the waste. Some of the information can be collected automatically such as when and where the disposal took place. However, actually most of the information such as what, how much, and the content of the waste, can only be gleaned accurately from the consumer, for sure in a short future automatic and autonomous systems can be implemented and the WTS system (ValueGo®) is opened to interface it.

A Glaring Lack of Awareness

One of the main issues with improper waste disposal practices is the glaring lack of awareness among consumers. Most people simply do not understand how to dispose of waste in the right manner. Besides that, many people remain aware of the effects that improper waste disposal has on the environment.

Today, most waste management policies require that waste be sorted at the collection point to improve the efficiency of the recycling process. Households and industries are the mains source of waste in the world. In most cases, waste is not properly sorted into non-biodegradable and degradable waste since the proper infrastructure is not in place to ensure the successful sorting of waste.

The Lack of Proper Technology to Track the Flow of Waste

Consumers often lack the proper technology to track how waste flows once it leaves the collection point. The reason for this is that the technology has not advanced enough to allow this to happen. Over the years, technologies such as RFID technology have been trialed. However, their impact on the problems facing proper waste disposal has been limited.

Current systems of collecting data on proper waste disposal entail doing so manually. However, a manual system can be the source of multiple errors when trying to collect accurate data. For instance, it is easy for physical forms used to collect data to be destroyed, damaged, misplaced, or simply lost during the transfer process.

The Lack of Proper Accountability in the Waste Disposal Sector

There is little to no accountability in the waste disposal sector. Once a waste product leaves the source, there is usually little to no action taken to ensure that it is disposed of in the right manner. However, WaCo’s use of the blockchain ValueGo® in the waste disposal sector could change all that.

The use of the blockchain could help to ensure that information transfer between various players in the sector is done so accurately, efficiently, and securely. By having those in the industry of waste management work together, it could ensure that better policies and decisions are made in how waste is handled. For instance, it could help to reduce the haphazard disposal of waste on streets and rivers.

The blockchain can do more than just powering crypto coins, as the WaCo project plans to show. WaCo plans to show that the blockchain can be a useful asset in various other sectors, including the waste disposal sector.


 The issues facing the waste disposal sector will not be resolved overnight. However, for a lasting solution to be created, the first step will be to integrate the masses into the process. They are the source of most waste and they can play a bigger role in proper waste management. The WaCo project will use a two-pronged approach that entails collecting data from the masses and storing it on the blockchain. Users will be incentivized to provide data on their waste disposal practices using the WaCo digital coin.

To have more details on the project, visit at waco-token, today! Or join the WaCo community.

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