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Redesigning the Global E-commerce Ecosystem with Membersheep, B2B e-commerce blockchain based platform

The retail e-commerce sale is projected to hit $4.5 trillion globally by 2021, a leap of around 246% between 2014 and 2021. Another promising piece of data is that the base of e-commerce sales has moved beyond the West. However, we are far from being a borderless world as a significant share of this sale continues to be domestic.

What the world needs to be truly borderless, open, and globalized is a platform where retailers and wholesale vendors across various brands can connect, engage, and trade. This is precisely what Membersheep envisions to achieve.

The Membersheep project not only has a well-defined vision but does so with a unique take on things. It is building a platform for wholesale vendors and retailers that are powered by blockchain and secured by its own cryptocurrency, the Sheep Coin.

It offers a complete avenue for brands to promote their products with unique Membersheep marketing tools and to introduce their collections to a large base of global customers. On top of that, all the transactions are made incredibly safe and transparent by building it on the blockchain. Similarly, buyers are able to browse through numerous online brands and make informed purchase decisions.

With the use of the most talked about technology today, Membersheep enables global e-commerce to be truly borderless as it eliminates all foreign exchange risks involved in international transactions. Every step of the process, from order placement to delivery and follow-up, get secured with cryptography and distributed ledger technology.

The platform is emerging as an answer to all the fashion needs of its consumers, be it women, men or kids. From apparel to accessories and cosmetics, Membersheep offers a wide range of products from a diverse set of global brands. Given the immense potential that it holds for the global e-commerce industry, many big players have already partnered with the project, including names like CYzone, Ernst & Young, Alibaba, and Kaola.

Membersheep is pioneering the cross-border e-commerce market by tapping on new sales channels, successfully diversifying the customer base, and consequently raising revenues. With a mission statement “to be a marketplace where everything on Earth can be traded without barriers or limitations,” the venture has been adding value to the global business landscape since 2014.

By automating the process of B2B transactions from beginning to end and by making use of smart contracts for transactions, Membersheep offers an extremely secure ecosystem for both sellers and buyers. At the same time, it significantly reduces the time and cost involved in the process. All these benefits can be reaped immediately as the private sale for Sheep Coin is currently live with a 25% bonus.

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