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NFT rewards for creators and their supporters – CoinDogg

CoinDogg is on a mission to build the first NFT digital rewards platform for content creators and their supporters using blockchain technology.

CoinDogg is committed to ensuring the internet remains a vibrant, creative, and decentralized place where creators from around the world are able to share their content freely. The platform helps ensure these freedoms by empowering independent creators and helping them to monetize their content on any channel without commercial influence.

The CoinDogg platform will also provide incentives for fans to support the creators they love by rewarding them with tradable NFTs to ensure they are incentivized to provide support to creators over the long term.

The roadmap set out by the project founders details a three-stage approach for the platform development of which the first stage is set to be their creator donation widget.

The creator donation widget will be the core means of monetization for each independent creator on the platform and will act as a virtual “tip-jar” where fans can monetarily support the creators they love in currency, crypto, or FIAT.

Aside from accepting donations, the widget will also double as a hub connecting each of the creator’s media channels. By connecting channels into a central hub, creators will have an enhanced cross-platform marketing ability, and fans will benefit through more seamless content discovery. Both of these aspects will reinforce the value of the creator to the fan and solidify their engagement long-term.

The second stage of the CoinDogg roadmap is the development and launch of the CoinDogg NFT marketplace. The CoinDogg NFT marketplace will be the location where fans that support creators will be able to claim newly minted NFTs as a form of digital reward.

Each NFT on the platform will be based on the Ethereum standard and will be tradable within a liquid secondary market provided by CoinDogg or resellable on any other digital asset exchange like Rarible or

Underpinning the CoinDogg NFT marketplace will be the DOG token which will be the main currency digital assets are denominated in and used for buying and selling NFTs.

The third stage of CoinDogg’s roadmap is the launch of a creator marketplace. The vision for the creator marketplace is to create a space where freelancers can provide their services for others in exchange for crypto (DOG token) payments. Imagined use cases for this part of the platform could include but are not limited to creating digital art, assisting with content creation activities like web development, video editing, podcasting, and more – similar to the types of services that can be commissioned on FIAT platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

While CoinDogg’s detailed whitepaper and roadmap cover those three main platform objectives, for now, we’re reliably informed that they have more planned for beyond 2021 with more details expected to be released at the end of this year.

The CoinDogg IEO will commence on Exmarket Launchpad from March 26th, Feel free to join CoinDogg community for more details!

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