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NAGA integrates Binance to broaden the opportunities for BNB holders


BNB holders can now invest in more than 800 financial instruments via NAGA Trader!

NAGA, one of Germany’s fastest-growing fintech firms, has announced an integration with Binance, the world’s major cryptocurrency exchange so that the holders and investors of Binance Coin (BNB) can enjoy the services NAGA has to offer with its comprehensive financial ecosystem.

BNB holders will now be able to instantly invest in over 800 financial instruments (equities, cryptocurrencies, Forex, ETF CFDs, gaming items) using the NAGA Ecosystem’s driving force, NAGA Trader – a social trading platform for finance, crypto, and gaming, featuring its own AI-based robotic advisor CYBO, a network used by more than 500,000 traders worldwide.

The entire ecosystem is powered by NAGA Coin (NGC), the company’s own cryptocurrency and the utility token for the products and services NAGA has to offer. NGC can be bought and traded with on Bittrex, NAGA Exchange, and other major crypto exchanges. NAGA is publicly listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and boasts a market cap of  $100M+.

Apart from NAGA Trader, the NAGA Ecosystem also features a vast range of financial solutions including NAGA Wallet, NAGA Exchange, NAGA Virtual (an in-game virtual item exchange), and NAGA Academy, with whom more than 100,000 aspiring traders have already mastered numerous stock trading strategies. Armed with its diverse range of services, NAGA positions itself as a bridge between the traditional financial services and the new era of digital money. The NAGA Card, a contactless Mastercard intertwined with the NAGA Ecosystem, also adds to their one-account-for-all-services approach, following the “Amazon for Finance” vision.

Apart from the chance to invest their BNBs in the financial markets, investors will now be able to use NAGA Wallet to withdraw/deposit their funds in BNB, as well as fund their NAGA Trader LIVE accounts with the currency. NAGA’s curated Portfolios will also be accessible for BNB holders, making it easy to invest strategically. BNB users will be able to trade the BNB/USD and BNB/EUR pairs,  and earn Copy Bonuses in BNB, while also keeping their trader’s minds cold by setting up the CYBO AI trading advisor.

Benjamin Bilski, NAGA’s Founder & Managing Director, said: “We are pleased to integrate Binance Coin and help the global cryptocurrency adoption. From day one, NAGA has set our vision to offer a versatile financial ecosystem that makes personal banking, stock trading, asset management and cryptocurrency investing accessible for everyone. Our platform is built to create synergy and we are proud that BNB holders will be able to participate in the stock markets without the need to sell their precious BNBs for fiat money”.

NAGA Trader will soon be a key featured product in Binance’s BNB Usage Page, letting users know about all the major use cases of BNB:

If you are new to NAGA, here is a quick guide on how to open your first trade on NAGA Trader:

Sign up here and create a trading account with BNB as a base currency.
Deposit BNB to your NAGA Wallet.
Transfer BNB to your BNB trading account.
Choose your desired market and open the trade!

Open your NAGA Trader Account, here.

NAGA Trader is available on iOS, Android, and as desktop version.

[Full Disclosure: NAGA is one of Bitcoinist’s premium partners, as clearly labeled on the homepage.]

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