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Meagainstu: Monetizing the Gaming World

There are only a handful of new technologies who have gathered as much popularity as Decurian has had in the past few months. Decurian has grown into a reckoning force of its own while focusing on an industry which was left untapped by technologies before. Lately, the world had seen a paradigm shift towards application based digital currency technologies, where businesses were adamant    to focus on a particular issue. However, the gaming industry, which features one of the most tech-savvy communities, was left behind.


The response that Decurian garnered in its ICO and the exponential rise in community built around it clearly shows that the gaming industry was waiting for their own digital token. An idea so simple, yet so exciting, which was to use digital tokens to challenge each other in the gaming world, has grown by leaps and bounds and is becoming a game-changer in the world of digital currencies.


The place where all this magic happens is an online gaming platform known as “meagainstu”. Michael Chodorowski, the founder of Decurian, came up with an idea that there should be some incentive introduced into the gaming world, whereby the winners should be able to win something in real terms and monetize their time spent playing games. Thus, Decurian was born. The registered gamers on meagainstu can challenge each other using Decurian ECU token or the Decurian ACE token. When monetized tokens are at stake, the emotions involved in the game are more profound, and gamers will be able to enjoy their winning moments in the most realistic way possible.


The original token that the Decurian team started with was the Decurian ECU token. It was offered for $5 in its ICO. However, the idea around meagainstu grew so quickly that Decurian ECU took the markets by storm. It was valued at more than $100 in April 2020. Considering the price hike, there were cries form within the gaming community that meagainstu should offer a more budget friendly alternative. Lo and behold, the cries were heard and Decurian team announced the release of Decurian ACE token, which will be offered for $1 USD a token.

It was in January that Decurian announced their plans. But little did they know that their idea will gather such incredible support that they will be forced to speed up their work of two years to be completed in a mere 3 months. Michael was adamant that the meagainstu website would be ready for beta testing by April 2020,  and for official launch in June 2020, and his development team has truly done wonders. However, COVID-19 lockdowns in several countries where our team live and work have played havoc  with our schedules.The website is tentatively set to be launched in June 2020 and the Decurian ECU tokens already purchased will be released to purchaser’s registered wallets hopefully in May 2020. It is important to note that a user must be registered with the meagainstu website to be eligible for buying Decurian Ace tokens which will be available when the meagainstu.

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