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IEO Marketing or How To Succeed in Initial Exchange Offering?

ICO is no longer popular among cryptocurrency investors. The visible and inherent risks of investing in ICO and the high probability of being cheated discourage potential investors. Over 75% of ICOs in 2017 were scams. But now a new form of crowdfunding has appeared – IEO.

With the advent of IEO, several cryptocurrency exchanges have developed their Launchpad platforms. They are designed to help the market launch blockchain projects, which can lead to commercial success.

To run a successful project one needs to take into account the following steps:

  • Attract the audience

Conducting effective marketing campaigns is critical. One needs to make profound research before conducting effective activities. Also, it is vital to incorporate the results into your marketing plan.

Marketing campaigns make the project more suitable for the place chosen by the exchange. The competition between the various projects on the Launchpad exchange is fierce. 

  • Good public relations

PR is one of the most effective ways to publish relevant information in the cryptocurrency-related community. If public relations activities are sufficient, the communities around you can support your project and invest in your business.

Writing posts in various news media about cryptocurrencies is one way to try, test and trust PR in the crypto industry. 

Once these steps are passed, choosing a reliable Launchpad for holding IEO is another important step. There are dozens of such platforms, however, Lukki stands out from the rest. Besides token listing, it offers marketing support for projects. Mainly, Venus Energy and Lancer.Network could raise hard caps during two rounds of token sales.

EarhBi is another platform which holds IEO on Lukki on August 16. It is an Italian “green” project that focuses on a new biobased and highly biodegradable plastic material, which doesn’t pollute as it dissolves soon.

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