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How to bring Cryptos to the mainstream with StiB’s ecosystem?

Our mission at StiB is to bring Cryptos to everyone, it’s all about solving the everyday’s problems with financial worries on everyone’s mind.

The mainstream does not care how complex or how difficult the Blockchain is. All they care about is how simple it is to use that could benefit all in our daily life plus there must be an incentive to change the behavior of fiats. In our humble opinion we think Bitcoin and/or Ethereum will be investable assets instead of a global currency like many have imagined or visioned due to its volatility. This is why we have solutions for the mainstream to get in/out from Cryptos to Fiats with ease through Quick Buy/Sell with StiB Reserves and Instant Buy/Sell with StiB’s smart contracts. They can either choose the Instant settlements with competitive rates to trade/lend in a few simple steps or they can take the risk to deal with other peers through our Commissions Free P2P solutions. You can download the Killer dApp of Cryptos StiB P2P for free, trading/lending P2P commissions free.

The power of the Blockchain is in your hands!

Our motto is “We decentralize with everyone in mind!”.

  • Trading P2P with Zero Commissions
  • Lending Commissions FREE with Zero Collateral loans
  • Investing with high ROIs

StiB tokens (sti, being secured with Multisig)

  • All privileges to access our Ecosystem
  • StiB Angels for early investors to enjoy lifetime of free on the Ecosystem
  • StiB VIPs for traders with high volumes to enjoy all benefits
  • StiB chain with quantum, AI

In order to accomplish our ambitious goals we need the funds to scale globally and we’re raising crowdfunding with IEO on exmarkets as well as probit

The best advice on everyone’s mind is to only invest what you can afford to lose and this includes fiats (paper money). We are here to challenge all including the traditional bankings or existing exchanges to change for the better or they will go out of business very soon.

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