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How MMAON Empower Fans and Fighters

MMAON is designed to benefit fighters and the fans as well. It is a platform that highlights MMA as one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Today, MMA has over 500 million fans and that figure is growing. Here is how the platform will keep fans and fighters engaged.

How MMAON Empowers the Fans

  • Work as Matchmakers

With MMAON, fans will be allowed to vote on upcoming fight cards. Those registered via the platform can vote on the fighters they wish to see in a fight.

  • Work as Influencers

The influencer industry is growing and MMAON provides fans with the opportunity to become influencers within MMA. With their growing online activity, fans will get scores and have more power on the platform. It opens up new possibilities for engaging in combat sports conversations.

  • Create Superstars

The MMAON platform provides fans with the opportunity to promote their favorite fighters and turn them into superstars. As a fighter becomes highly scored, it increases their value to the sport and the sponsors, which opens up more opportunities for them.

  • Decide on the Future

Fans will be empowered to decide on which new fighters ascend to stardom. With their MMAON platform, a fighter will be introduced to sponsors and fans. Once they achieve a given level of popularity, they have the opportunity to achieve superstar status.

  • Support the Fighters

MMAON allows fans to tip their fighters using a multitude of different currencies and cryptocurrencies. Consequently, fans will have the chance to support their fighters from the rookie stage until they go pro.

  • Analyze the Data

The MMAON platform will give fans the chance to analyze data using smart MMA gloves. These gloves record information regarding the energy level, heart rates, number of punches, accuracy, and more.

  • Crowdfund Fights

On the MMAON platform, there is a “want to see a fight” section where you can crowdfund fights. A fan can create a request to fund a fight they desire. However, there are a few rules in the platform such as the popularity score, their performance score, and the sponsors.

  • Personalization

A fan can follow fighters, promotions, sponsors and gyms to truly personalise their feed.

  • Opinion Makers

Fans are given incentives to contribute opinions, articles, and other content by sharing and like stories. For every action approved by the editorial system, fans get points. These points can be converted into tokens or used to climb through the ranks.

  • Get Rewards

MMAON will allow organizations to reward leading fans by giving them special deals that include merchandise and tickets.

  • Ticketing

Fans can purchase tickets using blockchain technology, which provides easy access, reduces paper use, and prevents counterfeiting.

How MMAON Empower the Fighters

Fighters can access a personalized profile, which includes their training and match statistics. Additionally, they get access to integrated social media and interactive features.

Fighters can interact with fans through videos, stories, photos, comments on fights, fans chats, and current diets. Such interactions help to grow the fighter’s popularity. A sponsor can use the score to determine which fighter should promote their product.

A profile will give the fighter to gain exposure amongst managers, fans, and sponsors by growing their popularity and performance scores. Fighters can create a “want to see a fight” and get funding for it or by challenging another fighter directly.

In general, fighters will gain exposure to the worldwide MMAON network, which will increase their fighting potential.

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