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EVEN COIN self mining smart contract

Many of you have made a huge effort to join us and make EvenCoin as great success. On behalf of us, we are deeply appreciative and offer you our most grateful welcome.

Today is the day we begin to take a look through the eyes of currency crypto markets; to find out and experience what the world is like for crypto users. It is also the day we grow bigger than our differences and offer to everyone regardless of historical rights and wrongs, a friendly welcome, an outstretched hand.”

EVEN COIN Starts here

In this Q3 2019 many crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. has seen a good rise as well volatility but among Bitcoin was the foremost in terms of gains and stability, the Bitcoin itself rose 278% since Q3 2019 with its current value 10,341$ at time of writing this newsletter.

Noticeably during this time period, the dominance of Bitcoin has

rose from 49% to whopping 69.7% where as Ethereum being 2nd lead with 7.3% which makes almost 77% market share listed as on Coinmarketcap.

The following reasons almost 2438 crypto currencies suffered out of 2454 listed on Coinmarketcap and hence forth lowering the Altcoins season, but make no mistake the followings news below will reassure the comeback of EvenCoin so please follow. 

In recent months EvenCoin has seen a decline of -68% when compared price of btc, but yes EvenCoin is making extra ordinarily come back in coming days and here’s why? 

  1. With increase in difficulty level of mining which increase as more numbers of miners mines for a given currency the mining of EvenCoin has become harder and comparatively miners gets a lesser share of mining reward per block, which in turn scatters the holdings of EvenCoin with different miners.
  2. Due to the above-mentioned point less numbers of EvenCoins are introduced by miners for sale in markets / exchanges creating scarcity.
  3. Universal rule – lower the supply higher the prices.
  4. At the time of writing this newsletter 29.34 million (Refer EtherScan) EvenCoin were mined in total out of which only 14.34 million are available with miners of EvenCoin.
  5. Which points towards price of 1.33 $ / EvenCoin (Data by Coinmarketcap).
  6. Incoming cash flow of EvenCoin with its projects and statics. 



Running successfully since 2 years has gains a popularity in crypto market to be 1st of its kind to offer services like international flights, hotels, and utility recharges and bills using crypto currencies in almost all nation of world. Gaining over 1.5 million active users Bitrecharge is expanding its lucrative business amongst some of big players in market like, skyscanner, expedia, etc. 

Delta Exchange

Running successfully since a year has got registered users over 400k with active traders over 258k with daily average volume of over 250 btc. Apart Deltaexchange is looking forward to list legit reputed projects / coins / tokens which would eventually bring on more business towards project. Any listing queries from our users / subscribers can reach our Deltaexchange office email [email protected] 

EVN Kart

An brand new project from EvenCoin community which is again only and 1st of its kind where users can purchase over 1.6 million products around the globe delivered at your door step hassle free using crypto currencies.

As of now Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba ranks the top most positions in selling deliverable times around the globe with annual sales over US$232.887 billion (Source Wiki Amazon).

EvnKart has stepped into deliverable markets since last 6 months and making its presence on internet.

Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, etc being the some of companies which started at very early stages when internet online shopping was grounding its foots, now we strongly and firmly believe EvnKart project has potential to complete above brands in coming years due to no such competitive projects being market with option to buy using crypto currencies.

EvnKart invites strategic partners and promoters to come forwards and join the EvnKart in early stage so you don’t miss an opportunity be a part of some of best growing project in crypto currency market. 


EvenCoin hard working developers and legal team has being working since 18 months to make achieve the hardest market in world which are always bind to strict rules and regulations for medical health care in world, each country having its own set of regulations of medical, health care and insurance services. 

In recent we have completed the development work as well gained access to over 90 countries to offer our services in respective countries integrating blockchain in this filed for the first time.

Medtrox is ready to offer its health care online services via its 145 different partners in 90 countries including online consultancy, offline appointment scheduling, nearest directions to health care system with ETA and live traffic updates and insurance sector,

The operational launching date is expected to be announced shortly. 

Some economic analysts predict a big change in crypto is forthcoming as institutional money enters the market. EvenCoin is on the way of achieving more to provide its users a exceptionally more profits in the world of crypto.

So fasten your seatbelts as EvenCoin will take jump to greater heights. 

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