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Bitcoin Secret that you may never know before

If we ride a time machine to go back 20’s, We Would find that nobody knows what bitcoin is, except two Pizza’s Boys (first bitcoin transaction), and of course Satoshi Nakamoto Itself (Bitcoin Founder). and GOD of course at least Until it reached it’s highest price on 2017, headlining almost all major news, making bitcoin itself telling you about how valuable I’m (bitcoin). even until today.

But, have you ever to take a while to consider what happening in it’s background? (read: Developer view).

I meant, if you walking through a “thousand dollars menu” france restaurant. No matter how expensive the dining room (and menu!), it always messy on it’s kitchen, even worse than your kitchen. generally, People dont care about it.

But, let say. You invested almost of your money (like mostly people does!) on the blockchain (= bitcoin’s kitchen). Let’s stay not to caring of

so, here we are!

Bitcoin unrevealed secrets:

  1. Billions in circulation (it’s real!)

Stated by 

Bitcoin hacked in 2010, made it DUPLICATE itself into total of amounts 184.4 Billions Bitcoin. Our team investigated it to confirm. Of course we start by surf this thread (also linked by

It’s orginal Thread by Satoshi Nakamoto and friends When they facing these hackers. I recommend you to read it. Just like in real-life Hacker movie. Wohooo..!!!

2. These duplication still Exist until now

Our Investigation become more interisting when we Found out that These Duplication (184.4 Billion of BTC) Are still exist even until today, Says

After all, it Needs Intermediate-level of Blockchain ecosystem Knowledge to Confirms. #So, Our team start to dig deepe into blockchaining (blockchain forensics).

The result is, Yes! We confirmed That these 184.4 billions BTC is still exist in blockchain System. These Duplication Flows on Hundreds of address, here we go. some of Duplication Moving addr / Trx

In any of these links, You can see that Every address only has 50BTC as starting balance, but sent 900-2000 BTC on next transaction. it multipied Up to 20X !

If you ask me “how can?”

I Would’ve say “it’s called duplicate, dude” Based of Jacob stated. technically, Satoshi Didn’t destroy these duplicated Coins (he would Burn the whole blocksystem if he do that). What Satoshi Nakamoto did is moved these duplication to unknown Path (or ‘blocked’ they said). To make it more simply, you may say these Treasure hidden on unkown place, but STILL. THEY ARE THERE Until now.

3. These Duplication is MOVING

if someone says: “Don’t worry, Satoshi has blocked it”. then show this pic to him.

As you can see,

Address received 3 BTC in 2010, Then sent nor 3, BUT 96 BTC in 2016. (30x Multipied). then, give the this links, which is the second transaction that bring these duplication (BTC):

Again, you will find out that someone is using these duplicates from 2017 – 2019!!

4. How we duplicate our Bitcoin at omega (

Through blockchain, We found that these duplications went to address belong omega Inc. we doubled our bitcoin !! from 5 BTC to 9.95 BTC (-fee 10%). But bad news is, we are only allowed to use that gateway once.

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