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ASIC development PocketHash, Started mining business in Sichuan, China

POCKETHASH Ltd. develops artificial intelligence and ASICs, and is expanding its business. The mining business was started with the investment from a major US bank and the expansion into China. It has been receiving cheap electricity from the Chinese Sichuan government and has moved its business base to China.

The photo above is a mining plant in China, where tens of thousands of latest machines are operating 24 hours a day to mine bitcoins. In May this year, BTC has reached half-life and is said to cost more than $ 15,000, and the deregulation of the Chinese government has given the mining industry another chance.

Canaan, the world’s second-largest mining company, was recently approved by the SEC and has successfully completed its first IPO as a mining company. The company raised approximately ¥ 9.7 billion and was listed on the US stock exchange Nasdaq, which had a major impact on the mining industry and the cryptocurrency industry.

PocketHash has launched a cloud mining service that many users want.

Launch of cloud mining service

With the mining industry in a tailwind, with the Chinese government issuing a statement to abolish the mining industry regulations, PocketHash has launched a cloud mining service to expand its mining business.

In addition to providing cloud mining services to the users who have never participated in mining before, can now easily participate and get an application that integrates wallets, exchanges, news, communities, etc. with “POCKETHASH ”. It has been opened in some countries and regions and has received a great response.

It has already attracted a great deal of attention in Southeast Asia, and at the Philippines blockchain conference held in November, and was a great success. As per present plans, the release in Japan has been completed successfully, and for the release in Europe and the United States, PocketHash will participate in the blockchain conference to raise awareness in each country, acquire more users, and let many people know the excellent business model.

In addition, a partnership with a major credit card company has been decided, and we are aiming to develop services that can be used conveniently by users. In addition, the roadmap shows that the mined BTC will be reinvested through staking in DeFi (distributed finance) and the listing of proprietary tokens on the exchange.

As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries spread all over the world and fighting for hegemony, PocketHash is developing its business as a mining company close to users.

Join PocketHash and stay tuned for future releases!


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