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The Online Payment Gateway Market sector is an invaluable supply of insightful data for the dynamic business environment. Reflective of this, the SILVER payment gateway, one of the special projects belonging to the AladiEx ecosystem is launched to help our partners to boost their business’s efficiency.

The Silver payment gateway has particularly strong opportunities in infrastructure with a variety of technical advantages such as adopt blockchain network, Integrated scaling solution, Multi-dimensional risk management, Cross-chain payments that provide a secure and modern mixed payment method between crypto and fiat solutions.

Based on the Blockchain platform, Silver offers the option of recurring payments that allow customers to make a payment or withdrawal via Fiat with a stable currency and the trend-following currency. Alchemy’s protocol is easily deployable on the community blockchain – allowing for the adoption of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that enables fast and secure transactions based on an integrated scaling solution such as the lightning network, Raiden network, and public channel network without risks.

With the objective of providing convenience to customers via IoT payment technologies, the Silver payment gateway creates multiple use-cases for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in daily payments with Crypto-monies at businesses and exchanges. Customers and business owners need to use the Silver payment gateway to complete payment procedures more quickly.

Invest in IoT – Blockchain payment gateway that is the fastest-growing field throughout the world. The payment gateway market has strong growth and solves urgent problems of society. With the Silver payment gateway approach, investors will regularly nail down the kind of solid gains that lead to large, overall profits in their portfolios.

The Silver payment gateway introduces challenges and complexity but high-profit potential to the cryptocurrency market. The Silver Payment Gateway of AladiEx will definitely continue to be an important and attractive market for global cryptocurrencies.

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