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AirPod’s Pre-Sale is Now on Track, Dates Announced


The token sale that will transform the traveling and napping industry is launching soon.

The state-of-the-art ICO project by AirPod is taking off after the platform announced May 29, 2018, as the day when APOD tokens are going to become available for purchase. The token sale is set to start after the AirPod presentation at CryptoKonf in Belgrade on the same day and it will drive the project, enabling a blockchain based franchise distribution model for sleeping pods. The AirPod project is designed to be a self-expanding business with utmost levels of transparency, provided with the help of an internal fast-growing crypto-economy.

The AirPod token sale provides an opportunity for any cryptocurrency investor to create a profitable and stable channel to earn passive income.

AirPod: The Solution

The travel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors with an annual global passenger volume of over 667 million. Among them, at least 10% of the passengers frequently go through transits and transfers, creating a need for comfortable private spaces in public spots like airports, hotels, malls etc. The AirPod project caters to this need by offering travel and napping solution in the form of privacy-centric resting pods with amenities. As a part of its expansion strategy, the project has a Partnership Program for community members who can own or enter into a revenue share program by staking their APOD tokens.

AirPods will be placed at hotels, railway and bus stations, shopping centers, offices, and city centers. In the beginning, AirPods will be placed at the major airports worldwide. It will become an affordable “couple o’hours” home or office when waiting for the next flight, train, bus or a scheduled meeting.

AirPod Sleeping Pod will give the user a unique, luxury, state-of-art place to relax without stress. The private, “capsule style” units will also offer security and safety to the user. It can accommodate both overnight and short-term stays, with integrated anti-stress technology to help the user relax and revitalize.

The unit offers comfort and entertainment to the traveler, featuring free access to high-speed Wi-Fi, Amazon Fire TV, air conditioning among others.

Sponsorship Program

AirPod will not be just a place to relax. It will be also one of the most profitable and stable businesses with passive crypto-income potential. In the Sponsorship Program, a participant will become the sponsor of a particular unit and earn up to 80% of the profits generated by the AirPod unit every month. AirPod will enable ICO contributors to exchange APOD tokens for the right to gain “in profits”.

As a contributor, participants can choose any AirPod unit in the world and exchange APOD tokens for profits for an indefinite amount of time.

So, if you bought APOD tokens during the crowdsale, you will be offered a deal to exchange a specific number of tokens, at the prevailing market price, for up to 80% profits from the AirPod token. Your return on the investment will pay off on a year. After that period, you will then enjoy the profits from your chosen AirPod unit for an indefinite amount of time.

Global distributor already confirmed.

With a global distributor already confirmed, 1000 AirPods will be placed in up to 284 global airports over the first three phases. Meaning, 1000 or more passive crypto-income generating possibilities.

Grega Mrgole, CEO states,

“AirPod’s vision is to improve your travel experience and on the other hand to give you the possibility to earn stable passive income for your safer financial future.”

Token Details.

The core business of the AirPod project will be to install the pods across international airports and renting them out. At the same time, the company will be implementing their own utility token, APOD which will be used to build and boost their crypto economy.

APOD tokens are influenced by the AirPod business, not by the crypto market. As the number of distributed AirPods and users grow, the frequency of tokens that AirPod will be buying from the exchanges will grow too. It will result in the value of APOD token growing over time.

Learn more about AirPod and the token sale at –


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