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Aeron ICO Review (ARN Token): Blockchain Flight Aviation Safety

This is a new blockchain technology designed for aviation security. You can find the company online at The company has a goal to create a global aviation registrar developed on a decentralized network and records system.

To explain it better, the company aims to bring forth the benefits of a decentralized open source ledger to aviation on a worldwide scale. The aviation industry has been a compartmentalized industry. Finding a school that is worthy of teaching aviation has been a challenging task for anyone looking to do so. Anyone owning an aircraft is constantly looking for a person to rent out their aircraft to. The challenge is difficult, which is why Aeron has the goal of making it happen.

The platform is going to be a network where you can anyone in the industry can go to meet with others. Whether they be pilots, renters or anyone else associated with the flight industry – Aeron is the platform that will bring them all together. Information on the platform will be free for everyone to look through, and available on the decentralized system.

Basically, the network is taking the aviation industry to a decentralized blockchain platform, where they can interact and find others with similar interests and needs. The system will also be used for data logging, to make it easy for pilots to access their private logs without having to carry a heavy logbook.

Aeron is likely going to be used as a management system for aviation, considering the older system is outdated and inefficient. They will operate the new system on blockchain technology, making an immutable database where anyone can gain access to information on aircraft, personnel, and another piece of information that are vital to safety.

They’re not just looking to improve how the world of aviation operates, but more so how they can make it safer and improve its authenticity.

What Is Aeron?

The system is built on Ethereum’s blockchain and operates on a decentralized database. Small aircraft and private pilots will appreciate the platform more than anyone else. The register is going to store pilot’s records and other pieces of information related to aircraft. ARN, the token used for the platform is a utility coin, used for the design work as well as general operations of the system. Eventually, Aeron will be a self-sustaining platform for the token holders and individuals using the platform for avionics.

The system is also capable of recording maintenance logs for aircraft as well. This includes recording how spare parts are handled, as well as how aircraft is maintained by the owners of them. Everything on the system is running and operated through smart contracts, they are executable to handle any type of action needing authentication or validation.

Who Is Behind Aeron?

The company’s CEO is Artem Orange, he has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of telecommunications. Not only that, but he works in the financial sector as well, with experience as the CO of two separate cellular operations companies and is an entrepreneur on several different levels. There are other key members of the company who include individuals with experience in the aviation industry. You can view the full details of the company on the website at their official website, Aeron.Aero.

Aeron ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: ARN
  • Token Price: 1 ARN = $0.5 USD
  • Total Supply: 20 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC 20

Aeron In Conclusion

Aeron clearly sees the issues happening in the aviation industry. They have designed the platform to keep authentic records while protecting anyone on the platform involved in the industry. The main problems the company is solving is giving anyone accurate data related to personnel, aircraft or any other piece of information needing validation.

The company is getting ready for their personal crowdsale which is set to take place in August and September. You can learn more about the company at their personal website


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